Police Say Wallets Stolen from Purses in Mt. Laurel Wegmans

Cops in New Jersey say the thief is grabbing from unattended purses in carts at a Mt. Laurel Wegmans.


Police in New Jersey say a thief took women’s wallets from unattended purses at a Mt. Laurel Wegmans. The thief, who I’m going to pretend is wearing a knockoff Che shirt in the surveillance video, grabbed the wallets from purses left in carts when women moved away.

Mt. Laurel police say the woman used stolen credit cards to make large purchases at shops near the Wegmans, including a Target. “Plenty of women were not embarrassed to admit they leave their purses in the cart also,” Fox 29’s Shawnette Wilson reported, so apparently this is a big problem. Don’t leave your purse unattended, people!

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