Grace Kelly House Animal Hoarder Ordered to Pay $7,000

Marjorie Bamont, who lives in Grace Kelly's former East Falls House, is barred from owning animals for 42 months.

Eighty-two year old Marjorie Bamont pleaded no contest to 14 counts of animal cruelty Thursday, the Inquirer’s Amy Worden reports. She has to pay $7,000 to the SPCA, give up 12 of her cats and her dog to the Pennsylvania SPCA. She was able to keep two cats. She is barred from owning any more pets for 42 months.

Bamont’s case attracted attention because she lives in Grace Kelly’s former East Falls home. She’s owned the home since 1973, NBC 10 reports. The PSCPA raided the home Oct. 31 and found it littered with feces.