VIDEO: Livestream of Philly Kittens Rescued from Fire

Watch a livestream of these adorable kittens, recently rescued from a fire in Philadelphia, and their mom.

This isn’t just a livestream of kittens, but it’s a livestream of Philadelphia kittens! Aw. Their mews come with a silly accent. The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team explains:

On April 5th, 2014 around 4pm, Oreo and her kittens’ house caught fire. The fire started in the basement where they were living. Oreo, along with her human and canine family members, were able to get out safely, but her two week old kittens were left inside. Luckily the Fire Department was able to pull them out of the house and called Red Paw immediately! We responded to the scene and transported the kittens to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital where they spent the night in an oxygen tank.

Our volunteers returned to the scene to search for Oreo that night, with no luck. Her kittens were discharged the next morning and taken directly to the fire scene to help us search for momma! Well, there was no need to search, she was waiting for us when we arrived, anxious to see her kittens. After only a few minutes of coaxing, Oreo was reunited with her kittens!

If you’d like to donate to Red Paw, you can do so at their site. Enjoy the cuteness!