SEPTA Driver Gives Trolley Rides Poetic Touch

SEPTA driver Mike Fuller turns a Subway-Surface trolley ride into a poem. But not everyone is amused.

The City Paper’s Daniel Denvir rides the trolley with SEPTA’s unofficial resident poet in this week’s edition, and the results are pretty entertaining: Mike Fuller says one spot in the West Philly tunnels is “a space as dark as a stack of black cats” and “a trolley nap is a nice thing, but we hope no one misses their stop on this ride, like a sleeping shrimp washed away by a tide.”

Since this is Philadelphia, of course, not everyone is happy with him:

On three recent trolley rides across the city, a City Paper reporter watched as some passengers zoned out, one woman got angry (yelling “shut up and drive the train”) and many riders were very amused.

I like this driver — I’ve only had him once, so he must have been pretty memorable — but I like that someone yelled at him even more.

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