Philadelphia Trash Pickup Will Happen on Presidents Day

Workers being "diligent" in light of snow delays.


Monday may be a federal holiday, but the people who pick up your trash in Philadelphia don’t have the day off. Sanitation workers from the Streets Department will be out on Presidents Day. But they’re not picking up the trash that snow prevented them from picking up on Thursday or Friday. They’re picking up Monday’s normally scheduled trash and recycling.

“Crews are being diligient,” a Streets representative told me last night, via Twitter. “The snow storms have impacted collections.”

They sure have. On multiple occasions this winter, residents were told to hold their trash not for a day or two until streets are cleared but for an entire week. The trash that was supposed to be picked up last Thursday and Friday won’t be picked up until this Thursday and Friday. I saw more than a few people resorting to illegal dumping.

Note that while trash pickup will happen today, crews will only do curbside pickup, so if your trash is normally picked up in your back alley, you’ll have to bring it around to the front.