VIDEO: Police Investigating Apparent Green Street Abduction

Scary as hell.

Police are investigating what they are calling a “possible abduction” on the 1900 block of Green Street in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia, less than a half-mile from the Barnes Museum. The man in the photo is the suspect. The woman, his victim.

The Green Street abduction occurred on Monday afternoon at approximately 4:15 p.m. A witness tells police that she looked out her window after hearing a woman screaming for help. And this harrowing video gives an idea of what the witness saw:

The man in the photo follows the woman in the black pants, grabs her, and then carries her to his car, a black Chrysler. Another man walks by while all this is happening and does nothing.

As the Philadelphia Police describe the Green Street abduction on their website:

The male attempted to grab the complainant and pull her several times. The male then picked the female up and carried her to the vehicle that was parked at 19th and Green Streets. The female was struggling with the male and attempting to get away. The male placed the female into the back through the driver’s side of the car and was last seen driving eastbound on Green Street from 19th Street. The witness called police.

Police describe the suspect in the Green Street abduction as follows: “Black male, bald, wearing a dark colored jacket, dark colored pants and was operating a black Chrysler Sedan (4 door) with a possible partial PA tag ‘JFM’.’

If you have any information, contact Detective Hoover at 215-686-3093/3094 or call 911.