Nichole Canuso’s The Garden Is Now Open

But you probably won't be lucky enough to see it.

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UPDATE: The Garden is already sold out.


The Garden, the latest work from Philadelphia choreographer Nichole Canuso, is a movement-based dance installation three years in the making, the result of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Knight Foundation, among others. But very few will get a chance to see it.

Each of the 36 Garden performances in an Old City basement is for just six audience members. In this intimate, site-specific work, you explore a labyrinth while wearing headphones that provide an individualized score as well as instructions. Sometimes, dancers engage. Other times, you’re simply left alone.

“People move through in isolation,” says Canuso (center). “But ideally they’re able to come out of the other side feeling a little more open, more connected to their surroundings and their bodies.”

The Garden
November 1st to 17th
Power Plant Productions
233 North Bread Street
(215) 413-9083
Tickets: $20 to $35

Choreographer & Director: Nichole Canuso
Composer & Sound Designers: Michael Kiley and James Sugg
Contributing Writers: Jackie Sibblies Drury and Anna McDonald
Set Designer: Anna Kiraly
Lighting Designer: Yi Zhao
Production Manager: Megan Thibodeaux
Performers: Nichole Canuso, Eun Jung Choi, Christy Lee, Scott McPheeters, John Luna, Les Rivera, Annie Wilson

PHOTO: Daniel Mezick