The Washington Post Trolls the Entire City of Philadelphia

The paper wrote that Philly is known as a "second-rate stopover between Washington and New York City."


Oh, cool. The Washington Post has joined forces with The New York Times to troll Philadelphia.

On Sunday, the newspaper published an article on preparations for Pope’s Francis’ visit in September titled “Philadelphia’s plans for hosting pope are far from heavenly for residents.” And it just couldn’t resist giving voice to the warmed-over notion that Philly is an inferior city.

“Whether it overdoes or underdoes the papal preparations,” wrote reporter Frances Stead Sellers, “Philadelphia risks reinforcing the notion that it is a second-rate stopover between Washington and New York City, both of which will host His Holiness and appear to be taking his arrival in stride.”

Maybe that was just a careless, throwaway line though? No, it was the hook.

But how adorable is it that the Post believes Washington is in the same league as NYC? Also, D.C.’s population is less than half of Philadelphia’s. When are we going to get some respect?

That’s not the only maddening thing that the newspaper wrote. There’s also this line:

With its quaint, colonial streets built for carriages rather than motorcades, Philadelphia lacks experience with the crowd-drawing presidential inaugurations and visits from world leaders that are routine on Washington’s broad avenues.

“Quaint, colonial streets?” The Washington Post makes it sound as if Philly is made up entirely of cobblestones. The newspaper knows Pope Francis is speaking on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which is a multi-lane boulevard, right?

We weren’t the only people annoyed by the article:

Now, we’ll give it to WashPo: It’s true that “Philadelphia lacks experience with the crowd-drawing presidential inaugurations.” But so does, um, every other goddamned city in the country.