Kenney: You’ll Know Next Week If I’m Running For Mayor


James Kenney | City Council Flickr

James Kenney | City Council Flickr

City Councilman Jim Kenney says he will make an announcement next week about whether he is running for mayor of Philadelphia.

“I won’t have an answer today,” he says. “I won’t have an answer until next week.”

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that a Kenney aide says he will release a statement today regarding a potential mayoral run. Kenney told us the statement will not be “definitive,” however.

Under the city charter’s “resign-to-run” rule, Kenney would have to step down from his Council seat to run for mayor. He says he is currently “going through a deliberative process, which is an expedited process” regarding his decision.

Kenney said Thursday he was meeting with campaign consultants for the first time.

The Inquirer‘s Claudia Vargas is also reporting that a City Hall source says, when Kenney does finally make announcement, it will be that he is running for mayor.