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This Philly Artist Is Creating a Positive Space for Mental Health Conversations

Since 2011, local artist and West Philly youth arts teacher Shanina Dionna has been an advocate for mental health, especially through her visual art. With […]

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This Local Therapist Wants You to Achieve Work-Life Balance by Prioritizing Intimacy

We’re a culture of incredibly productive people — in fact, we barely know what to do when we’re not being productive. And that’s a problem. […]

infrared heat
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Why Infrared Heat Is a Hot Trend at Philly Spas and Workouts

It’s freezing outside one December afternoon in Philadelphia, and an icy rain is pelting my face. But I don’t mind, because I’m heading to the […]

healthier new year
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20 Ways to Have a Healthier, Happier 2020 in Philly

1. Let your rage out. To get an endorphin rush without breaking anything valuable, head to a class at Rumble Boxing, where the water-filled aqua […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Rooms in Philly

If you’re paying attention to the latest in self-care and wellness, you’ll have noticed alternative therapies (chromotherapy, amethyst mat therapy and crystal singing bowl sessions) […]

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7 Fitness and Wellness Myths the Real Pros Have Seen on Social Media

Social media platforms make it super easy to disseminate information and tips, especially when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. But not all of […]

chiropractor northern liberties
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An Athlete-Savvy Chiropractor Just Opened in Northern Liberties

For a few years now, Philadelphians have been moving into Northern Liberties in droves. (Peep the median home price in our neighborhood guide for the […]

mindful practices book
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This Main Line Psychologist’s Book of Daily Mindful Practices is the Wellness Boost You Need

I believe that everyone has soulmates. Not in the traditional sense, in that one person meets all your needs or that you marry this human […]

the wellness refinery
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A New Self-Care Space Featuring Infrared Saunas Is Opening in Philly

Self-care has been a buzz word in the wellness industry for a while now, and soon you’ll have a whole new place dedicated to it […]

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Accessing Mental Healthcare Just Got Easier Thanks to This Former Drexel Student

Here at Be Well Philly, we believe that being well involves your entire self: mind, body, and emotions. Mental and emotional health are especially critical, […]

wellness above walnut
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A New Wellness Collective Is Opening Today in Midtown Village

This post has been updated. More and more people are questioning the effectiveness of the traditional medical system. (Excerpt from my recent doctor’s visit: No, […]

restaurant workers health
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This Philly Program Is Trying to Help Restaurant Workers Take Better Care of Themselves

Naimah Rutling knew her career was having a negative impact on her health. As a line cook for five-plus years, at Loews Hotel and the […]

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This Philly Organization Expert Wants to Help You Conquer Your Spring To-Do List

For so many of us, life is dictated by deadlines. It seems like we’re juggling a million things at once: cranking out projects, working overtime, […]

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8 Ways to Use Tea as Self-Care, From a Philly Tea Consultant

To me, tea might be the most soothing thing on the planet. I have so many important memories associated with it that it’s difficult to […]

women's circle
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A New Wellness Series Is Kicking Off at This Gorgeous Fishtown Recording Studio

After publication, we received word that the venue for this event has changed. We’ve updated the story to reflect that. If your Instagram feed isn’t filled […]