Philly Ranked Fifth Most Walkable City in U.S. This Year

A mere two-tenths of a point dropped Philadelphia from its perch as the nation’s fourth-most-walkable city in this year’s Walk Score rankings of American cities. […]


Apple Picks Philly to Debut New Transit App

Apple has chosen Philadelphia and nine other North American and European cities to debut its new Transit app, which is basically Apple Maps but for […]

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Go Green: 12 St. Patrick’s Day Races Near Philadelphia

St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner, which probably means you’re taking stock of every green item in your wardrobe right about now. If […]

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The Checkup: Your New Fitness Routine: Walking in Place During TV Commercials

• I’m all about fitting in a few minutes of calorie-torching around everyday activities. After all, not everyone has hours and hours to spend at […]

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Sweat Break: Where to Get a Midday Workout in Philly

Experts generally recommend 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day to stave off weight gain and stay fit. But penciling in that time can […]

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Foot Notes: A Podiatrist’s Tips for Saving Your Feet from Hell

Fall brings beautiful foliage, brisk weather and a wardrobe full of cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks you probably forgot you owned. But if there’s one […]

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To Do: Heart Walk 2011

Cardiovascular disease doesn’t care if you’re young or old, male or female. According to the American Heart Association, CVD is the number one killer of […]

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Think Pink: Philly Events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With the American Cancer Society estimating 230,480 new cases in 2011, breast cancer is a huge issue. The good news: You can support sufferers, survivors […]

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To Do: 5K Walk for Hope

In 2010, 38 percent of all new cancer cases in women were either breast or gynecological. To help support thousands of mothers, sisters, wives and […]

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Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra?

I recently moved to the Art Museum area and I couldn’t wait to hit Kelly Drive. On my first morning run, I dressed quickly and […]

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Wednesday is National Walk at Lunch Day!

If you often find yourself so busy during that day that your “lunch break” ends up being a few multi-tasked minutes at your desk that […]