BizFeed: Urban Outfitters’ Shocking Nosedive

1. Urban Outfitters’ Dreadful Earnings Report Sends Stock Tumbling 16 Percent The News: Well I guess the experts were wrong. In a shocking earnings report, Urban […]


Amtrak Restores Philly-to-New York Service

Amtrak has announced that it will resume service Monday morning from Philadelphia to New York. Effective with departures from Philadelphia at 5:53 a.m. (Train 110) and […]

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Ask the Expert: Do We Have to Provide Transportation From Our Reception to All Hotels Where Guests Are Staying? 

Q: Do we need to provide transportation to and from our reception for both hotels where we have guests staying? Or is it okay to just […]


Uber May Bring UberX to South Jersey

Over the weekend, a colleague told me that he had seen an Uber Philadelphia advertisement soliciting drivers for UberX, the low-cost Uber alternative that exists […]

Septa regional rail train

Did SEPTA Bungle Tuesday’s Rush Hour?

When it snows, there are going to be huge crowds for public transit. Trains are going to run late. Commute time is going to skyrocket. […]

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PHILADELPHIA BRIDAL SHOW: Greystone Hall in West Chester

WHO: Greystone Hall WHAT: 10th Annual Focusing on the Groom Event WHEN: Wednesday August 28, 6-9PM WHERE: 1034 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester WHY: Grooms can […]

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Diary of a Marriage: ‘Til Nap Do Us Part

I am sitting on the couch, taking one of those personality tests you find in magazines. You know the ones: They tell you what color […]

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Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Figuring Out Our Transportation

Now that it’s less than five months to go, we are tackling some of the medium-sized parts of the wedding. Keeping with that theme, we […]

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Ask the Expert: Do We Have To Pay For Our Guests’ Parking?

Question: We’re having our reception at a big, fancy hotel in Center City, and we were wondering: Are we obligated to pay for our guests’ […]

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Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Should We Take a School Bus To Our Wedding?

Sigh. Why are school bus rentals so expensive? I mean, I remember riding those things for free back in the day. The bus always showed […]

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Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: The Search for the Perfect Limo

Last week, Charles and I went on the search for the perfect wedding-day limo. Normally, I would do a search like this online, but since […]