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Andy Reid, Genius

Although no transcript exists of the reported phone conversation between Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid last week, one imagines part of it went like this: […]


Sneak Preview: Philly Mag & the Phillies

Our April issue — which officially hits newsstands on Monday — is all about the Phillies, and we’ve got a special sneak preview for Post […]


The End of the McNabb Era

By the time I finish this blog, Donovan McNabb may be property of the St. Louis Rams and Eagle fans, like it or not, will […]


Jamie Moyer Will Be the Phillies’ Fifth Starter

The first thing to understand is that this is not an impassioned case for Kyle Kendrick’s candidacy as the Phillies’ fifth starter. Those of us […]


The Promise Fulfilled

Three years ago, I wrote a piece for the magazine about Rick Jackson and Antonio “Scoop” Jardine. The pair, friends since middle school, were then […]



Comes word from Hollywood that a major studio is planning an epic film on the life of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, starring […]


Temple Got Screwed!

We’re about at the point where it’s time to stop listening to the pre-tournament talk about how the NC2A Selection Committee works its dark magic. […]


Memo to the National Media: You Want McNabb? Take Him!

Hello, Philadelphia-area campers! I invite you to step out of the provincial boundaries of the Delaware Valley and experience a sports world where everyone else […]


Dykstra: Bankruptcy Shmankruptcy!

Former baseball star Lenny Dykstra, who filed for Chapter 11 protection last July, now wants a bankruptcy judge to dismiss his case, claiming he doesn’t […]


The Full Spectrum

The last time I spoke with Ed Snider in person was the spring of 2009. After some begging on my part, he agreed to meet […]