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This Philly-Based Online Store Will Help You Find Your New Favorite Leggings

The world of athleisure is booming. Even though most of us may buy our workout gear at Lululemon, Athleta, Asos, or Old Navy, there are a […]

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The Statement Earring Has an Announcement

Designs inspired by the natural world have long been fashion’s purview. The latest twist on that trend? Animal-inspired earrings, ranging from delicate golden ants climbing […]

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5 Must-Visit Spots to Shop in Philly This August

Philly is filled with brand new openings, cool flea markets, and surprising finds at local shops. Below, find the best five spots you need to […]

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Clothing Repair Shops Are In — but They Actually Were Never Out

This spring, around my fifth wedding anniversary, I started wearing my wedding shoes to work. A pair of sleek walnut brogues, they once felt too […]

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Swap Your Single-Use Plastics for These Reusable Bags, Utensils, and More

While we may be in the middle of a war on plastic — this month, Seattle became the first major American city to ban single-use […]

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These New Wooden Headphones Are a Treat for Your Ears

When Dr. Dre released Beats in 2006, headphones became an instant status symbol. And the handmade versions put out by Brooklyn-based Grado Labs are at […]

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Philadelphians Really Just Want to Be Kids Again

Embroidery, macramé, jewelry making, painting — this might read like the arts-and-crafts class schedule at your kid’s summer camp, but it’s not. These are actual […]

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We’re Obsessed With This Fun Summer Espadrille

What happens when an American with a background in fashion moves to Spain? He dares to disrupt the espadrille — the country’s (and really the […]


Drink Wine and Play With Fire at This New Candle-Making Spot

A New Night Out Maybe you’ve painted and imbibed with your buds, but have you played with fire? At sleek Marguerite Rodgers-designed newcomer Wax + […]

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10 Sassy Shirts That Say What You’re Really Thinking While Working Out

As much as we love exercising, we all have those moments where we also can’t believe we willingly signed up to put our bodies through 45 minutes of low-key […]

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The 9 Best Stores for Workout Clothes and Gear in the Philadelphia Area

If you work out more than twice a week, chances are you have a sizeable closet or drawer of workout clothes. It’s kind of totally […]

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6 Magical Plant Stores in Philadelphia Where You Can Fill Your Life With Greenery

Scrolling through Instagram these days, all we see is green. Of course, about half of that is due to avocado toast. But the other half […]

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Rent the Runway’s New Service Will Make Wedding Season SO Much Easier for Brides

As a bride, we’re lead to believe that finding the perfect wedding dress is the biggest dress-centric struggle. The thing is, no one really talks about allll […]

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This Philly Fitness Brand Designed Biodegradable Leggings

While the concept of “biodegradable” and “leggings” may sound like a strange mix, the fact is that a lot of the clothes we wear will […]


People Are Obsessing Over These Sassy Nameplates From Philly

In the daylight hours, the second floor of Barbuzzo looks more like a FedEx warehouse than a Midtown Village restaurant. Piled on the wooden tables […]