You Don’t Need to Be Italian to Throw a Seven Fishes Feast

Palizzi Social Club is a very special place to its members — a refuge from the outside world filled with crab pasta and swordfish spiedini. […]

jennifer zavala's vegan meatball recipe
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Here’s The Recipe For the Vegan “Meatballs” That Pissed Off South Philly

The world may know South Philly chef Jennifer Zavala from her appearance on Top Chef, but here in Philadelphia, she’s made herself famous for another […]

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The Peanut Butter Crisp Bars This Healthy Food Blogger Can’t Stop Making

Look, I get it, some of you aren’t “chocolate-and-peanut-butter people.” That’s fine. We don’t all have to be friends. But for the rest of you, […]

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Here’s a Recipe for (Healthier) Cookie Dough That You Can Eat Raw

There was a time when a slumber party wasn’t a slumber party if there wasn’t a roll of cookie dough involved. Some people may find […]


7 Passover and Easter Recipes From Philly’s Top Chefs

I know, I know. Passover doesn’t start until March 30th, and Easter is on April 1st — but if you’re cooking at home, you need to […]

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16 Delicious Vegan Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party

If I were to put together a list of the least vegan-friendly holidays and events, the Super Bowl would definitely be towards the top of […]

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Front Street Cafe Gave Us Their Super-Secret Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

We knew cauliflower was trending — Time magazine called it the new “It” vegetable, and it’s on menus all across the city — but we didn’t know […]

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12 Delicious, Easy Vegan Recipes That’ll Be Your New Week Night Faves

While ordering delivery often sounds a lot more appealing after a long day of work, meetings, workouts, coffee dates — and the list goes on […]

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8 Delicious Latke Recipes That Prove You Don’t Need White Potatoes

The traditional latke recipe is pretty simple: two grated Russet potatoes, two eggs, two tablespoons of  flour, and some salt and pepper, mixed up into […]

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Here’s How to Get Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party and Wedding Tips & Recipes from Giada De Laurentiis

If you’re anything like us (and we trust that you are), at any given time, a lengthy list of Food Network shows can be found […]

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Make: Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich with Hummus, Tomato and Poached Egg

We eat a lot of organic eggs in my house—and not just for breakfast. Though fried and scrambled eggs go best with toast and fruit, […]

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Beat the Polar Vortex with These 8 Warming Crock Pot Recipes

It is absolutely freezing outside. And after a long day at work and a windy commute home, it’s pretty much impossible to think about anything […]

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Make: Simply Perfect Tomato Sauce

Everyone has a list of foods they’ll absolutely, positively make homemade and others they’ll consistently buy. When it comes to tomato sauce, I’m of the […]

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Quin-what?: 7 Recipes to Make You Love Quinoa

Quinoa is one of those foods that just evokes confusion. And the name really isn’t helping matters.  So, I am here to debunk the myth […]

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8 Amazing Pumpkin Recipes You Haven’t Tried

When I first got my dog, she was having some trouble staying, um, regular, if ya know what I mean. When I called the vet, he […]