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Neither buyers nor sellers should sit on the sidelines right now, say several agents, but the COVID-19 outbreak has complicated the sale process. | Photo: CDI Productions via Getty Images

Trying to Buy or Sell a House in Philly Right Now? Here’s What to Expect

At least as of now, the real estate market hasn’t disappeared completely the way the travel market has. People still need to move for various […]

basement man cave

Real Home Makeovers: How This South Jersey Family Transformed Their Basement Into a Hip Man Cave

Kyle and Gianna Hines spend nine months of the year in Russia and three in Sicklerville. (Kyle plays for CSKA Moscow, and Gianna is a […]

kitchen addition

Real Home Makeovers: How This West Philly Couple Added Onto Their Rowhouse to Get a Bigger Kitchen

Though previous owners of Jordan Rock and Caroline Winschel’s Regent Square rowhouse had upgraded all of its “expensive, boring parts” — the plumbing, climate control […]

philadelphia home renovation stories

Home Makeovers, Philly Edition: How Six Families Transformed Their Not-Quite-Right Houses Into Perfection

Chances are if you’re a homeowner or in the market to become one, you’ve got renovation plans on the brain. How do we know? According […]

passive house design

Real Home Makeovers: How a Fishtown Couple Retrofitted Their Rowhome to Be an Eco-Friendly Dream House

When Maura Diberardinis and Pete Angevine hired Jeremy Avellino of Bright Common to redo their Fishtown rowhouse, their goal was to make it feel more […]

high rise condo renovation

Real Home Makeovers: How This Center City Couple Made Their High-Rise Condo Feel Bigger by Adding Walls

Juliet Whelan of Jibe Design is used to making small urban spaces more livable by opening them up. But when she got together with physicians […]

home office

Real Home Makeovers: How This Main Line Couple Turned a Pair of Spare Bedrooms Into a Chic Home Office

When Michelle and Alex Gage purchased their Villanova home in 2017, they knew they were in for a full overhaul of the four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath house. […]

open concept kitchen

Real Home Makeovers: How a Montco Family Got Their Dream Open-Concept Kitchen

After Heather and ­Charlie Tranen purchased their ­Wyndmoor quad in 2018, plans for renovations began immediately. Given their love of entertaining, the homeowners wanted to […]

boner 4ever building

Say Bye-Bye to the Boner 4Ever Building

If everything falls into place, in a little more than two years, your out-of-town friends might just want to stay in a building best known […]


The Trends that Will Shape Philly Real Estate in 2020

Now that we’ve disposed of 2019, let’s take a look ahead at 2020. Where will Philadelphia and the region stand twelve months hence? From this […]

the atlantic apartments street view

How the Real Estate Trends Worked Out in 2019

So: how well did the forecasters do on predicting how the housing market would perform in Philadelphia this past year? Overall, they hit pretty close […]

co-living philadelphia

The Rise of Dorm Life for Adults

Around the turn of the last century, new arrivals in big cities like Philadelphia found shelter and instant community in rooming houses — places where […]

modular housing construction

Modular Construction Could Be the Key to More Affordable Housing in Philly

Remember how easy it was to stack those alphabet blocks you had as a kid? That’s the basic concept behind modular housing construction, a form […]

rent instead of buy

Why Affluent Philadelphians Are Choosing to Rent Instead of Buy

The narrative for wealthy Americans has typically gone something like this: Get an apartment when you get your first job; buy your first house — […]

philadelphia real estate market

How to Navigate Philadelphia’s Fast-Moving Real Estate Market

What’s the best way to navigate the region’s fast-moving real estate market? Six pairs of Philly house hunters tell us what they wanted, what they […]