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Finish-Line Popsicles and Beer Are Just Some of the Reasons to Register for This Beloved Race

I love how excited Philadelphians get about their running races. In Denver, where I previously lived, there were definitely iconic races that everyone ran, like […]

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Registration for This Beloved Philly Half Marathon Is Now Open

Running is kind of a big deal here in Philly. Whether Rocky Balboa had something to do with this or just the fact that this […]

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11 Gorgeous Photos from the Love Run Philly Half Marathon

Now in its fifth year, the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon has developed into a must-do race on many Philly runners’ bucket lists. This year’s […]

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Get Ready to Register for the Philly 10K Race That Ends With Shake Shack and Beer

Yes, it may be literally snowing outside, but in our minds, it’s a hot, glorious day August and we’re eating ice cream. That’s because we’ve […]

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The Broad Street Run Lottery Is About to Open

The only thing that brings out our competitive spirit more than an actual race is the lottery to get into that race. While, yes, it’s not […]

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Register for This Fun Relay Race Along the Schuylkill River Trail

Well, folks, the Schuylkill River Relay & 50K is back for another year of competition with your best running buddies. This year, the 50-kilometer race […]

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Philly Is Getting a Women-Only Triathlon This Summer

Okay, ladies, whatever you had planned for this summer, go ahead and scrap it. Because the only thing that matters right now is the all-women […]