Property's Morning Obsession


Afternoon Obsession: Doors of Fairmount

A longtime tourist attraction, the doors of Dublin, likely the inspiration for local artist Allison Ostertag’s Doors of Fairmount poster, are a thing of historical […]

most expensive motorhome

Property’s Morning Obsession: World’s Most Expensive Motor Home, and Greater Philadelphia’s Cheapest

The most expensive recreational vehicle in the world is on sale for $2 million in–where else?–Dubai. From the Daily Mail (rogue capitalization of brand name […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: Slice-of-Life Video of Kensington in 1982, Starring Philadelphia Accents

This is a really depressing video (and good morning to you!) that’s nonetheless mesmerizing. A California filmmaker follows around a bunch of teenagers in Kensington […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: An Earthship Is Coming to Philadelphia

It was January of last year when a nonprofit formed with the goal of bringing an earthship–a unique sustainable-living dwelling constructed from found objects–to urban […]

philly architecture

Property’s Morning Obsession: The Best Headline About Philadelphia Ever Written

This is too good. We must be hallucinating: I’ve Only Been In Philly For 4 Hours And I Already See Why People Love It

bea arthur naked

Property’s Morning Obsession: “Bea Arthur Naked” Spurs Home Decor Mystery (NSFW)

The first part of our obsession with this story is the very fact that there is a painting in this world of Bea Arthur naked. […]

philly cat bike guy

Philly Cat Bike Guy Goes National on BuzzFeed Animals

Rudi Saldia, who bikes through Philly with his cat Mary Jane on his shoulder, is featured on BuzzFeed Animals today, which means he’ll soon be […]

wayne avenue

Property’s Morning Obsession: Fireplace Nook With Pew-Like Benches

This six-bedroom stone Arts and Crafts home has much to recommend it, but we can think of little more satisfying on a cold, winter day […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: Upscale Center City Studio With a Murphy Bed

It’s another great unit in La Roque, this one with a Murphy Bed, which always seems like something out of a depressing stage play set […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: “Don’t Worry Be Charlie” T-Shirt, a Cliff Lee Favorite

In a recent game against the Cincinnati Reds, Cliff Lee was inexplicably picked off as pinch runner and made a crap ninth-inning mess of it. […]

roots mural

Property’s Morning Obsession: Roots Mural Gets a Dedication Date!

How long have we been waiting for the Roots mural? It seems like forever ago that we started pining for Philly’s biggest hometown hip-hop stars […]

rittenhouse square

Property’s Morning Obsession: Wall Street Journal’s Rittenhouse Square Coverage

The Wall Street Journal simply can’t get enough of Philadelphia. Our favorite tipster Z2 writes, “Last month it was the ‘latest twist in home design […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: Free Library Killing It Lately

Of course you already know about the Free Library’s virtual installation at Suburban Station (we are somewhere toward the bottom on the hold list for […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: Back to School With 3rd Ward

After opening for a short preview during Philly Tech Week in April, 3rd Ward has finally announced its class schedule. We’re still waiting with bated […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: lotxlot, An Addictive Mapping App

Possible City is an urban planning project that facilitates collaboration between planners who work in government and the ivory tower and citizens and organizations with […]