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Where To Grab a Beer (and Brunch) After the Marathon

If you’re running the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend you’ll have no need for our beer calorie counter. But you probably will be looking for brunch […]

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Philadelphia Marathon: The Complete Guide to Being the Best Spectator Ever

Fact: Training for a marathon is hard work. It takes months of rigorous preparation, intense focus, and lots and lots (and lots!) of time spent […]

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Cecily Tynan’s Weather Forecast for the Philadelphia Marathon

Our girl Cecily Tynan, the lovely 6 ABC meteorologist, former Be Well Philly cover model and all-around bad-ass runner, just released her Philadelphia Marathon weather […]

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To Do: Get Your Running Questions Answered at Rothman’s Free Pre-Marathon Web Chat Tonight

Alright, Philly Marathoners, how are you feeling? We’re just five days (!!) out from the big race. If you’re feeling some pre-race jitters, don’t worry—that’s […]

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The Checkup: How to Train for the Philly Marathon with Shorter Long Runs

• I know, marathoners—that headline seems like an abomination. But hear me out: While most American runners gearing up for a marathon usually top out […]