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WATCH: Expecting Couple Runs “Philly Special” Gender Reveal

In February’s Super Bowl, Nick Foles made the risky suggestion in a fourth-and-goal situation to run the “Philly Special” — a play in which the […]


There’s Nothing Wrong With Fortnite. Parents Are the Problem.

It’s just over one month into Summer 2018, and there are a lot of parents of school-age kids going crazy right now trying to occupy, […]


Inside Philly’s New Day Care and Preschool Boom

The country’s birth rate is at an all-time low, but you’d never know it from walking around Philly. (Forget bike lanes; we need stroller lanes.) […]


Got Little Ones? Living in the City Will Save You a Bundle

If you’re in a family way, and you’re looking for a place that can accommodate your new arrival, you might want to read this, for […]


Why Didn’t Any Grownups Rush to Help This Child?

This video from SEPTA’s Route 66 bus in Philadelphia is currently making the rounds on Facebook. Shot on Thursday, it appears to show an extremely […]

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“Why I Ate My Own Placenta”

I consumed my own placenta. Let me just say I don’t wear hemp, I don’t own Birkenstocks, I do shave my armpits. I mean no […]

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Is It Okay to Breastfeed in a Public Pool?

I’ve written a LOT about breastfeeding—particularly, the hullaballoo around public breastfeeding of late—but the latest brouhaha might take the cake. New York Magazine picked up a […]

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Do You Give Your Kid “Medication Vacations” from ADHD Drugs?

An interesting study of Texas parents of kids diagnosed with ADHD points up marked gender differences in how they give those kids “medication vacations” from […]

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Dad Files: The First Time My Kid Said “Wheeee!”

The boys are big enough now, at one year old, to take out on the town. So the other day, me and Lisa took Eli […]

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Dad Files: The Terrifying Truth About Night Terrors

Babies cry according to what ails them. In rough terms, around our house, a holler signals loneliness, a wail for hunger, a scream—fear. The other […]

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If You Put Your Kid on Adderall, Don’t Hope for Better Grades

Predictably, a Wall Street Journal story reporting on the fact that ADHD drugs don’t improve academic performance is garnering comments bifurcated between “My child would […]

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Alicia Silverstone Would Like Your Breast Milk, Please

New York Mag has the scoop on a new breast-milk sharing programmed, helmed by Hollywood star (and vegan and mom) Alicia Silverstone. The program, called […]

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Dad Files: Why I Prefer to Let My Kids Run Around Naked

Thus far, my wife and I agree on most things baby—from sleep habits, to lullabies, and even whether or not to dress them in matching […]

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The Dad Files: My Wife Changes All the Poopy Diapers (and I’m Fine with It)

From the moment the boys were born, last July, I jumped every time a diaper needed changed and did the job—perhaps changing even more diapers […]

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Would You Be Able to Tell If a Child Was Drowning?

You’ve seen enough old Baywatch reruns to know what it looks like when somebody’s drowning, right? I mean, now that pool season’s here, and oceans […]