The Candidates Philly-Area Officials Are Endorsing in the 2020 Presidential Race

We’re still a month away from the first 2020 presidential caucus (in Iowa), two months from Super Tuesday, more than three months from the Pennsylvania […]

voting machines

These Two Lawsuits Could Force Philly to Purchase New Voting Machines

Who knew something as seemingly mundane as voting machines could generate so much conflict? Then again, maybe we should know better — this is Philadelphia, […]


Facing Charges, State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell Says She Will Resign

This story has been updated. After making history earlier this year as the first Muslim woman elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Movita Johnson-Harrell […]


Two Incoming City Council Members Are Endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President

On the heels of their election victories, City Councilmembers-Elect Isaiah Thomas and Jamie Gauthier announced on Monday that they are officially endorsing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth […]

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Election Recap: Working Families Party Gains Council Seat, Democrats Take Delco

There was really only one burning question during Tuesday’s election: Would the Working Families Party make history by removing Republicans from the two City Council […]

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It’s Election Day in Philadelphia: Here’s What You Need to Know

In Democratic Party–dominated Philly, odd-year general elections are often sleep-inducing affairs. Because the big-ticket items, like the mayoral race, are effectively decided during the Democratic […]


Meet the Candidates Trying to Shake Up the City Council At-Large Race

The general election for City Council at-large seats is normally uneventful. Typically it goes something like this: If you’re a Democrat, you vote for five […]

bernie sanders obituary

The New York Times Just Assigned an Advance Obituary of Bernie Sanders, Says Staffer

In the news business, it is a rare thing to know a story’s contours before it actually happens. But while all breaking news is sudden, not […]

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New Online Absentee Ballot Request Makes Voting in Pa. … Marginally Easier

We have a lot of elections here in America, so it’s not unlikely that, at one point or another, you’ve been out of town on […]


Biden, Sanders Among 6 Democratic Presidential Candidates in Philly on Tuesday

Here come the candidates. Six of the 20 Democratic 2020 presidential contenders (yes, there are officially still 20) will visit Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon to attend a […]


Meet the City Council At-Large Candidate Endorsed by Elizabeth Warren

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren flung a surprising twist in a local race this week by endorsing at-large City Council contender Kendra Brooks — who is, notably, not […]

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Philly Doesn’t Seem to Like Joe Biden as Much as He Likes Philly

Joe Biden, despite some real baggage and his propensity for embarrassing slip-ups (like not knowing his own campaign website), is the Democratic frontrunner for the 2020 presidency. […]


Trump Wants to Recruit Women Voters, Starting in King of Prussia

Donald Trump wants more women to vote for him. Yes, this past weekend the president did in fact tell four freshman lawmakers — Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, […]

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Penn Paid Joe Biden $775,000 to Expand Its “Global Outreach” … and Give Some Speeches

When Penn announced in 2017 that former Vice President Joe Biden would be joining its faculty as the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor, students were understandably excited. Imagine […]

pennsylvania redistricting

If You Have a Brilliant Idea to Combat Gerrymandering, Please Go to This Meeting

When something controversial comes up in state politics, Gov. Tom Wolf seems to like convening a statewide listening tour on the subject. Lt. Gov John Fetterman just finished crisscrossing […]