Want Proof That Philadelphia Housing Is Affordable? Read On

One of the aces in the hole Philadelphia officials used in their pitch to land Amazon HQ2 is the low cost of housing here relative […]


Study Shows Philly’s Having a Hard Time Keeping New Arrivals Here

Depending on the time frame you choose, Philadelphia either just barely misses or just barely makes another top 10 list. And while this list puts […]


The Brief: These Are the Most Ticketed Blocks in All of Philadelphia

1. Never hope for a parking grace period on the 500 block of S. 2nd Street. The gist: Inquirer/Daily News data analysts Dylan Purcell and […]


RealtyTrac Heat Map Reveals Where Millennials and Baby Boomers Are Going

Which counties are seeing an influx of millennials? Which are seeing rapid emigration? And where the heck are baby boomers going? RealtyTrac’s latest report answers […]


Morning Headlines: Homeownership in the Far Northeast Increases, As the City’s Rate Plummets

The city may be among the largest with high homeownership rates, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a significant fall. In a Pew report […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Graphic: See What Percentage of Pennsylvanians Are Married (And How We Compare to Other States!)

Thanks to the peeps over at HuffPo, we’re well versed on how wedding costs in Pennsylvania stack up against those in other states (read: they’re on […]


Pennsylvania Is Among the Top 10 States with Most Zombie Properties

Zombies may be among us, but not the way Walking Dead fans might think. RealtyTrac recently released the February edition of its U.S. Foreclosure Market […]


“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Location Guide

Fan of the TV show? Philadelphia-area resident? Those are the only two qualifications one needs to enjoy this map.


What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Pay Your Mortgage?


Philly Metro: One of the Most Buyer-Friendly Markets

The Wall Street Journal’s Developments blog reports that the Philadelphia metro is one of the country’s most buyer-friendly. This is reflected by the latest housing […]


FBI Raids Sheriff’s Office With Focus on “Unknown Real Estate Dealings”

RealtyTrac released its July 2013 foreclosure market report today, and Philadelphia County’s foreclosure’s are down by 2 percent. That’s meager comfort for those disturbed by […]


Infographic: Median Home Prices, Number of Homes Sold First 6 Months of 2013


Afternoon Obsession: Streets of Philadelphia

Great American cities often employ tourism campaigns filled with love. There’s “I Heart NY,” of course, on t-shirts, buttons, and cups stacked and spilling out […]

RentMarket heatmap

Five Most Expensive Neighborhoods for 2BR Rentals

Kwelia has done it again. After unleashing Philly’s most expensive places to rent in May, the real estate data startup now has a rental-market heatmap that […]


What Does It Cost to Remodel a Home in Philadelphia?

Eclectic Kitchen by Philadelphia General Contractors Kenny Grono has a terrific infographic that allows users to see what it costs, on average, to remodel […]