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pole dancing
Be Well Philly

How a South Philly Pole Dancing Class Helped Me Find My Confidence

My friends and I work out hard. We spend our nights and weekends in a powerlifting gym, giving no thought to how we look. I […]

fightfit fightstrong
Be Well Philly

This Philly Kickboxing Gym Believes Everyone Can Learn to Fight

I first met kickboxing coach Mike Sulit not in a gym but at the birthday party of a dear mutual friend, named Marie. She knew […]

stress less space
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Need a Designated Space to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety? Center City’s Got One

I was having a bad day. A Sisyphean day, if you will, where you spend all day rolling the rock up to the top of […]

muse 2 review meditation headband
Be Well Philly

The Futuristic Headband That Reads Your Mind and Makes You Better at Meditating

When somebody told me there was this meditation headband called Muse 2 that supposedly helps you quiet your mind and meditate, suffice to say I […]

fitness alive pool workout
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This New Philly Pool Workout Is How You’ll Want to Exercise All Summer Long

Look, I’m not one of those girls who loves hanging out in her bathing suit. You’ll never find me sunbathing in a public park. I won’t […]

rumble boxing review
Be Well Philly

Rumble Boxing’s Upbeat Workout Is Surprisingly Beginner Friendly

For a region that’s already packed with upscale fitness facilities and healthy eateries, it’s amazing how much attention and activity new gyms get. But if […]

sports massage
Be Well Philly

This Philly Sports Massage Therapist Uses an Insane Gadget to Help Your Body Heal

After my first sports massage at Helms Performance, I almost didn’t go back. I’d signed up for a three-session new client package at a discounted […]

barre bounce
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Channel Your Inner Kid in This New Barre-Trampoline Hybrid Class

There was a moment during a Wednesday night class at West Philly’s Tuck Barre & Yoga when I thought my thighs might never move again. They […]

Be Well Philly

This Is What a Detox Juice Cleanse Is Really Like

Note: Our I Tried It series represents contributors’ accounts of individual experiences. Be Well Philly does not recommend or endorse these products or practices. We advise you to consult with a dietitian […]

sound bath
Be Well Philly

We Went to a Sound Bath in Kensington and It Was Radical

Have you ever stumbled across a place with pulsing energy? It could have been a nightclub, where the heat of moving bodies is palpable, or […]

everybodyfights review philadelphia
Be Well Philly

Here’s What to Expect at Philly’s Huge, Fancy New Boxing Gym

By now, if you’re at all immersed in the Philly fitness world, you’ve probably heard the name “EverybodyFights.” We’ve anticipated the opening of the Boston-based […]

trx barre
Be Well Philly

This Challenging Fusion Workout Combines TRX, HIIT, and Barre

The rain pattered outside on a dark Wednesday night, but the five of us in Y2B Fit’s Mt. Airy studio couldn’t hear it over all […]

Wall Fitness Kettlebarre
Be Well Philly

This New Fusion Workout Combines Kettlebells With Barre

We’ve said it before and we’re sticking to it: Kettlebells are going to be big in 2019. Not only did KTL, Philly’s newest all-kettlebells gym, […]

Be Well Philly

Take a Look Inside Spring Garden’s Sleek New Kettlebell Gym

We’re calling it now: Kettlebells are going to be big in 2019. And sure, yes, kettlebells are by no means a new fitness instrument, and […]

mind over matter
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Old City’s New Barre and Yoga Fusion Class Will Test Your Mental Strength

It’s not quite a barre class, and it’s definitely not purely a yoga class. No, Mind Over Matter, the signature class at Old City’s new […]