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condo for sale society hill ground floor bi-level living-dining room

On the Market: Bi-Level Condo in Society Hill

Here and there across the city, you will run across notable rows of townhouses and rowhouses that display exceptional unity of appearance. Usually these are […]

house for sale fairmount rehab exterior corner

Just Listed: Rebuilt Corner Rowhouse in Fairmount

  Not so long ago, you might have dined in what’s now the living room of this turn-of-the-century rowhouse at Taney and Brown streets in […]

house for sale fishtown rehabbed rowhouse exterior front

Just Listed: Modern Rehabbed Rowhouse in Fishtown

“Our goal is to deliver a comfortable modern home that the design-savvy people of Philadelphia will appreciate and one that will mesh with the existing […]

house for sale villanova greystone estate exterior front

Just Listed: English Country Estate in Villanova

Okay, class, school is in session. Today’s lesson: Old and New Money. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the two apart, and they often mix and […]

house for sale fishtown bauhaus exterior front

Just Listed: Bauhaus Townhouse in Fishtown

I’m fond of quoting noted modern architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s observation that “God is in the details.” If that’s the case, God must […]

house for sale barren hill midcentury modern exterior front

Just Listed: Modernist Masterpiece in Barren Hill

Your section editor is a committed urbanite. I love city living for a whole host of reasons: convenience, stimulation, novelty, grittiness (yes, grittiness) and above […]

house for sale narberth converted church exterior front

Just Listed: Converted Church in Narberth

As dwindling church congregations move out of their too-large quarters, and as financially strapped churches move to places they can more easily afford, sacred spaces […]

house for sale squirrel hill victorian exterior front

On the Market: Renovated Victorian in Squirrel Hill

Utter the word “Victorian” and some people still conjure up images of overwrought ornamentation, filigrees everywhere, and darkness. Dark wood, deep dark colors on the […]

house for sale villanova custom tudor exterior front

Just Listed: Custom Tudor/Colonial Hybrid in Gladwyne

“They don’t build ’em like they used to.” How often have you heard homeowners, real estate reporters like me, and even builders utter this phrase? […]


On the Market: Restored Colonial in Mt. Airy

This beautifully restored center-hall Colonial house for sale sits in a part of East Mt. Airy that was originally known as Sedgwick Farms. This subdivision […]

house for sale wallingford smith homestead exterior front

Just Listed: Updated Farmstead in Wallingford

I have a confession to make. I’ve signed up for the mailing lists of several agents whose houses I have featured here in the past. […]


Just Listed: Renewed Historic Mansion in Rittenhouse Square

Society Hill may have surpassed Rittenhouse Square as the wealthiest neighborhood in Philadelphia, but no other street in the city has yet to knock Delancey […]

house for sale pine hill capone house exterior front

On the Market: A Gangster’s Hideaway in Pine Hill

Are you feeling uncomfortable because of the unwanted attention you’re receiving? Getting hot under the collar from too much pressure? Maybe you’d like a place […]

house for sale pipersville creekside cottage exterior front

Just Listed: Creekside Cottage in Pipersville

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to I know that you’re gonna have it your way […]

house for sale bella vista custom townhouse exterior corner perspective

On the Market: Modern Custom Townhouse in Bella Vista

If we were to take the arguments of the building trades at face value, we might be forgiven for thinking that new construction would come to a […]