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Birds 24/7

All-22: Bennie Logan And ‘No-Run Day’

Defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro has a philosophy when it comes to getting his guys prepared: coach during the week, and let them play on […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: How Foles And the Offense Rebounded

In the days leading up to Sunday’s game against the Raiders, Chip Kelly was asked what his message would be to Nick Foles to get […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: D-Line Showing Progress

With the Eagles having scored 10 points in their last two games, Chip Kelly told his offense this week to take cues from an unlikely […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: Diagnosing the Issues On Offense

One of the fundamental principles of Chip Kelly’s scheme is to set the offense up to take advantage of one-on-one matchups. There’s plenty of blame […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: State Of the Eagles’ Defense

Back in the spring, new Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis was asked if he had spent time looking at Jim Johnson’s scheme and concepts. “He […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: Trent Cole, Reinvented

Trent Cole used to pace around his locker stall like a mad man leading up to big games. If it was Dallas week or Giants […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: The Struggles Of Nick Foles

Anyone watching Sunday’s game could see that Nick Foles was off, to steal the term Chip Kelly used to describe his quarterback. He overthrew receivers […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: The Art Of the Screen Play

Brian Westbrook, one of the great screen running backs in the history of the league, continues to be a guiding voice in the ear of […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: How the Offense Operates With Foles

All last week, Chip Kelly and his staff made one thing clear: The offense would not undergo a complete makeover with Nick Foles at quarterback instead of Michael […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: Kelly Unveils New Packaged Play

Chip Kelly was asked earlier this week why he called a run play on 3rd-and-9 against the Giants. “We thought it was a good play […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: Why the Run Game Struggled

Through four games, Jason Kelce had established himself as one of the Eagles’ most reliable offensive linemen. He showed no ill effects from the knee […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: The State Of the Eagles’ Defense

On Monday morning, Earl Wolff woke up, got something to eat and turned on the tape. He had made his first NFL start about 20 […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: Diagnosing Passing Game Issues

Chip Kelly thinks the Eagles are close – on offense, that is. He sees minor tweaks, not dramatic changes – a penalty here, a drop […]

Birds 24/7

All-22: The Many Roles of Brandon Boykin

boykinOLB1_092613Brandon Boykin’s rookie season was not all that complicated.

His role on defense was easily defined. When opposing offenses were in three- or four-receiver sets, he entered the game, played the slot and for the most part, did a really good job.

But with a dramatic scheme change and a new defensive coordinator this year, Boykin might as well be wearing a red-and-white striped shirt instead of a green-and-white jersey on gamedays.

Where’s Brandon?

Birds 24/7

All-22: Eagles Find Success With Run Game, Read Option

vick61bAll offseason, there was talk about how much Chip Kelly would incorporate the read option into his offense at the NFL level.

Three games in, we have some answers. And the biggest takeaway? It’s been perhaps the most successful aspect of what the Eagles have done so far.