postpartum depression
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This Philly-Area Expert’s Creative New Book Gets Real About Postpartum Depression

When you’re in the throes of trying to keep a tiny human alive, the world around you may seem a little gray. After all, you’re […]

high radon levels
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You Might Want to Get Your Home Tested for This Radioactive Gas

There’s a reason we all have carbon monoxide detectors in our homes: The toxic gas can cause memory, vision, and movement issues, and high levels […]

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10 Places to Go for Healthy-ish Happy Hours Around Philly

Non-alcoholic drinks (or mocktails) have become increasingly trendy across the bar and restaurant scene in the city. And this is good news for wellness lovers; considering […]

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Do Yoga and Zumba at This Free West Philly Health Fair and Block Party

Some of us take our ability to go to the doctors whenever we need to for granted — and it’s easy to do that because when […]

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10 Healthy (and Cheap!) Dates to Go on in Philly This Summer

Forget about dinner and a movie every Saturday night, and allow us to instead help you get a little more creative (and active) with your […]


Independence Blue Cross Announces Big Drops in Opioid Prescriptions and Use Among Members

Independence Blue Cross says it’s making headway in fighting the opioid crisis. The insurer’s efforts over the last four years have led to a dramatic […]

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An American Tale

The Migration Policy Institute estimates that 27 percent of the approximately 850,000 practicing physicians and surgeons in the United States are foreign-born. I am part […]

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Girl Power

This is an extraordinary time for female athletes, especially in the United States. Serena Williams — arguably the greatest American athlete of all time — […]

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Today I Told A Woman She’s Going to Die

I told my patient today that I think she’s going to die. Not because she has any one terminal illness, but because she’s the prototype […]

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Having a Heart (Or a Kidney)

I traveled to Philadelphia in 2002 for a United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) consensus conference to discuss the state of the national kidney allocation […]

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A Good Death

I was a brand-new doctor, in my first week of residency after med school, working overnight in the ICU. I called home to check on […]

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Top Doctors 2018: The Stories They Tell

A Good Death What our patients really need is honesty. By Mary Kraemer, Temple University Hospital Read more » On Mistakes Everybody makes them. For us, […]

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On Mistakes

I am a physician, and I make mistakes. It’s scary. What’s scarier at this moment, though, is what you might think of me for my […]

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#MeToo and Medicine

Late last year, the #MeToo campaign was all over the Internet as women across the country shared their stories of sexual harassment. It flooded social […]

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The Incredible Journey

At the core of anyone’s journey to become more authentic is the desire for genuine self-expression, the need to remove a facade worn to placate […]