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Birds 24/7

Eagles-Patriots Game Review: The Defense

Vinny CurryHere’s what we saw from the Eagles’ defense after having reviewed Friday night’s game against the Patriots. Notes on Vinny Curry, Fletcher Cox, Jake Knott and others.

Birds 24/7

No-22: What We Saw From Chip Kelly’s Offense

Chip Kelly said after Friday’s game that his up-tempo package is just one of many tools in his toolbox.

The truth is, it’s likely to become the foundation of his offense. It’s what Kelly had so much success with at Oregon. It’s what the Eagles have been practicing all offseason long. And it’s a style that other NFL teams are already having success with.

But as we saw Friday night, there’s more to it than just tempo.

Here’s a review of what we saw after reviewing the TV tape.

Birds 24/7

Eagles DL Production: Checking In On Graham, Curry

Philadelphia Eagles DE Brandon Graham.Coming off an outstanding performance in Week 15 against the Bengals, the Eagles’ defensive line was not nearly as impressive Sunday afternoon against the Redskins

The D-Line failed to sack Robert Griffin III, although the Eagles certainly pressured him at times. Alfred Morris had 91 yards rushing, but he needed 22 carries (4.1 YPC).

Once again, the defense got no help from the other two phases. Washington’s five scoring drives started at its own 28, its own 41, its own 47, midfield and the Eagles’ 25. This is nothing new. Opponents have dominated the Birds in terms of field position all year long.

Focusing back on the pass-rush, here’s a look at opportunities (from Pro Football Focus), sacks, hurries (as tracked by the coaching staff) and pressure percentage (frequency with which each player notched a sack or hurry).

Birds 24/7

Eagles DL Production: Cox, Cole And Graham In 2013?

The Eagles’ defensive line turned in its best performance of the season Thursday night against the Bengals.

Brandon Graham had a career game. Trent Cole looked like the old Trent Cole. Fletcher Cox continued an impressive rookie campaign. And guys like Cullen Jenkins and Cedric Thornton contributed as well.

In all, the defensive line combined for six sacks and eight hurries. Andy Dalton was under constant pressure and completed just 13 of 27 passes for 127 yards.

In a future post, we’ll break out the All-22 and look at why the Eagles defensive line was successful. But first, the player-by-player breakdown.

Birds 24/7

Eagles OL Review: Mathis, Scott Get Tested

Here’s a player-by-player review of how the Eagles’ offensive line performed against the Bengals, after having re-watched Thursday night’s game.

Birds 24/7

Game Review: Ups And Downs For Foles

Nick Foles was far from the Eagles’ only problem in their 34-13 loss to the Bengals, but after an impressive performance the previous week against the Bucs, the rookie did not play well.

On their last five possessions, the Eagles had an interception, two fumbles and two three-and-outs. They scored 13 points, and one scoring drive started at the Bengals’ 29, while another began at the Bengals’ 12.

Foles went 16-for-33 for 182 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Two incompletions were dropped, and he threw the ball away twice.

Below is a review of his performance after having re-watched the game. We’ll have the All-22 breakdown during the week.

Birds 24/7

Eagles DL Production: Success Without Washburn?

Sunday’s game against the Bucs was the Eagles’ first in two years without defensive line coach Jim Washburn and the wide-nine.

Tommy Brasher was hired on Monday and had three days of practice to switch up the Birds’ scheme up front. The Eagles struggled to get to Josh Freeman for much of the day, although the defense as a whole played better. Below is the player-by-player breakdown of sacks, hurries (tracked by the team’s coaches), opportunities (Pro Football Focus) and pressure percentage (frequency with with which each player notched a sack or hurry).

In the next couple of days, we’ll try to take a look at how the linemen were aligned up front with the All-22.

Birds 24/7

Eagles OL Review: Identifying the Issues Vs. Tampa

Philadelphia Eagles left guard Evan Mathis.Below is a player-by-player review of how the Eagles’ offensive line performed in Sunday’s 23-21 win over the Bucs after having re-watched the game.

Birds 24/7

Game Review: Evaluating Foles’ Performance

Nick Foles completed 32 of 51 passes for 381 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the Eagles’ 23-21 win over the Bucs Sunday afternoon.

Below is a breakdown of how the rookie performed after having re-watched all of his throws. Look for the All-22 review later this week.

Birds 24/7

DL Production: Graham Getting It Done?

Philadelphia Eagles DE Brandon Graham.The Eagles’ pass-rush had some good moments early against the Cowboys, but was non-existent in the second half when Tony Romo completed all 10 of his pass attempts.

After the game, Andy Reid announced that the team was parting ways with Jim Washburn, although he admitted that the game’s results had little to do with his decision.

Meanwhile, Brandon Graham got the start for Jason Babin, and Vinny Curry was active for the second time this season, as the Eagles went with a 10-man rotation.

Here’s the weekly look at production. Hurries (and tackles) come directly from the Eagles’ coaching staff. Pass-rushing opportunities are tracked by Pro Football Focus. And the last column is from me – a measure of how often each defensive lineman notched either a sack or a hurry.

Birds 24/7

Game Review: Foles Takes Step Forward

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.Listening to Andy Reid earlier this week, I got the sense that he and the Eagles coaching staff wanted to see a little more out of Nick Foles Sunday night against the Cowboys.

In his first two starts, the rookie completed 55.2 percent of his passes and averaged just 4.8 yards per attempt. The issues on offense were not all his fault, but Foles had not provided many encouraging flashes.

Sunday night was different, though. Foles completed 22 of 34 passes for 251 yards and a touchdown. He wasn’t perfect, but showed signs of improvement, making a few impressive throws, and with a huge assist from the running game, helping the offense move the football.

Birds 24/7

OL Review: Scott Still In For Watkins

It’s probably too little, too late, but the Eagles’ offensive line turned in one of its best performances of the season Sunday night against the Cowboys.

Sure, it helped that Dallas was without Jay Ratliff, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, but the offense scored points on six of 10 offensive possessions. Nick Foles was sacked just once and had a comfortable pocket for most of the game. On the ground, the Eagles averaged 7.0 yards per carry, which help neutralize DeMarcus Ware. The Eagles often ran play-fakes right at Ware to slow him down.

Below is the player-by-player breakdown.

Birds 24/7

DL Production: Cole Gets Shut Out

Here’s our weekly look at the Eagles’ defensive line production.

The Eagles had quite a few “close but no sack” moments against Robert Griffin III. In fairness to Jim Washburn’s unit, Griffin makes defensive linemen look silly on a weekly basis.

Here are the numbers. Sacks, hurries (a stat kept by the coaches) and pressure percentage (frequency with with each player notches a sack or hurry, given the opportunities).

Birds 24/7

RB, WR, TE Review: Maclin’s Future With the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy MaclinHere’s a review of how the Eagles running backs, wide receivers and tight ends performed against the Redskins on Sunday.

Birds 24/7

Game Review: Foles’ First NFL Start

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.We’ll get to the All-22 breakdown later in the week, but here’s a look at how Nick Foles performed in his first NFL start.