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Philly Just Got a New Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

Though super beneficial, meal prepping for the week can be tough. Planning a menu, hitting the grocery store, and cooking all the food is a […]

nosh bar
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Why This Vegan Energy Bar Company Ditched D.C. For Philly

Whether you’re active in the fitness world or are just trying to make it through the work day, your body needs energy-fueling food. To keep […]

champagne popsicles

Breakfast Egg Rolls, Champagne Popsicles, and Other Things to Eat in Philly Right Now

1. Soft beer at Fermentery Form One server recently described this as “sunshine in a bottle,” which isn’t an oversell. Infused with Valencia orange juice […]

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HipCityVeg Will Open Its First Location in the ’Burbs This Weekend

A main feature of HipCityVeg’s identity—other than dishing up 100-percent plant-based fare—is that it’s metropolitan to its core. It’s called HipCityVeg, after all. HipCityVeg has […]

Be Well Philly

The Lowdown on Orthorexia: When Eating Well Becomes an Eating Disorder

Jenny Weinar is a Philly-based body positive psychotherapist and certified yoga teacher who’s passionate about helping clients struggling with disordered eating, chronic dieting, over-exercising, and weight […]

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Sneak Preview: July Classes at COOK

So what are you guys doing this summer? Picnic with Nick Macri? Breakfast with Joncarl Lachman? Maybe learning a little something about soul food or […]

canned fish

Philly’s Next Big Food Trend Is … Canned Fish

Philadelphia’s next big food trend isn’t fresh or local. What’s New You can think of canned fish as charcuterie 2.0, in that the once lowbrow […]

celiac disease
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What Living a Gluten-Free Life Is Really Like, From a Philly-Area Celiac Advocate

When a restaurant doesn’t have a gluten-free option these days, it’s an exception. That’s a boon for the estimated one percent of Americans living with […]

middle eastern fast casual

7 Fast Casual Middle Eastern Dishes to Eat in Philly Right Now

Nowhere has the Middle Eastern culinary revolution been more visible than in the quick-serve world. (Bonus: It’s fresh and pretty healthy.) Here, what to order […]


I Searched High and Low for This Super-Popular — and Very Elusive — Middle Eastern Dish in Philly

Molokhia — say it “mo-lo-HEY-ah” — is the name of both a plant and a dish. The plant is a nutrient-packed river weed that sometimes […]

middle eastern ingredients

Common Middle Eastern Ingredients — and Where to Find Them on Philly Menus

A glossary of the Middle Eastern pantry staples that are quickly making the migration from home kitchens to restaurant menus everywhere. 1. Aleppo Pepper Flakes […]

middle eastern food

The Sudden, Spectacular Rise of Middle Eastern Cuisine in Philadelphia

Cuisines are often defined by lines on a map, but from a cultural standpoint, the Middle East is more of a concept than it is […]

middle eastern desserts

3 Classic Middle Eastern Desserts to Try in Philly

Pastries, cakes, cookies and confections are crucial to the Middle Eastern spread. Here, three classics to look for on dessert menus or at local bakeries Manakeesh […]

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It’s Time We Start Calling B.S. on “Seasonal” Restaurant Menus

It happens every year, usually around the end of daylight saving time in early March. Philly gets a freak 70-degree day, or the first sunny, mild […]

jesse ito royal izakaya queer eye tan france makeover

Philly James Beard Nominee Jesse Ito Gets a Makeover from Queer Eye’s Tan France

The 2019 James Beard Awards ceremony is this coming Monday, May 6th, and we here at Foobooz HQ are already crossing our fingers and toes for […]