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You Can’t Marry Into My Family Until You Survive a Week Down the Shore With Us

There’s a rule in my family, and it goes like this: You can’t marry into this family until you’ve spent a week down the Shore […]

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The Cheapskate Parent’s Guide to Summer in Philly

Discover a garden. The best way to experience Stoneleigh, Villanova’s new 42-acre public garden, is with a picnic on the Great Lawn. Go classical. The […]

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Three Itineraries for Having a Fun Day with Your Family This Summer

The city First stop: Hit up Markward Playground (400 South Taney Street, Fitler Square), then walk up the ramp to get to the Schuylkill River […]

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Ex-Mythbuster Adam Savage Returns with Brain Candy

For 14 years I enjoyed the way the Mythbusters on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters used science and explosives to find the truth and blow stuff up. Hosts […]


Got Little Ones? Living in the City Will Save You a Bundle

If you’re in a family way, and you’re looking for a place that can accommodate your new arrival, you might want to read this, for […]

Philadelphia Wedding

And Here Are a Couple of Grandmas Being the Cutest Flower Girls Ever

Last summer, I discovered a photo snapped by Julie Melton of Sweetwater Portraits of a lovely bride with her lovely bridesmaids—one of whom was the bride’s […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Happy Almost Father’s Day! Here Are 26 Photos of Gorgeous Philly Brides With Their Dads

For me, nothing gets the feelings going more when looking at other people’s wedding photos than pictures of the bride with her father, whether it’s […]

Philadelphia Wedding

How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Wedding Fights

While planning your wedding can be a major bonding experience for you and your to-be, you’re sure to encounter a few road bumps and differing of […]

Philadelphia Wedding

It’s Almost Mother’s Day! Let’s All Weep At These Photos of Philly Brides & Their Beautiful Mamas

As you might imagine, I see a lot of wedding photos, basically—well, no, literally—five days a week every week, but despite that, I am happy […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Please Do Not Play Any of These Songs During Your Father-Daughter Dance

It was with great satisfaction a few months ago that I posted the absolute worst songs for your first dance, because it really truly boggles my […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Here Are 12 Thoughtful Ways to Remember Your Passed Loved Ones at Your Wedding 

I have to say, I have seen quite a few different ways that couples have honored friends and and relatives they’d lost in their wedding […]

Philadelphia Wedding

8 Tips for Newlyweds on How to Split Up the Holidays

How did you and your new spouse decide where you’d celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday? Was it a painful process, or did you two exhibit flawless teamwork […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Watch: The Latest Viral Wedding Video Is By Philly Wedding Videographers BE Films 

In the past week or two, a story about Sebastian the Ibis, the mascot for the Miami Hurricanes, walking a Florida bride down the aisle […]

Philadelphia Wedding

10 Don’t’s for the Mother of the Bride

It’s funny, most of the time, when you’re reading things like—well, this—any trouble that’s being referred to between a bride and a mother is usually […]

Philadelphia Wedding

It’s Almost Father’s Day! Let’s Look at These 25 Sob-Inducing Photos of Fathers at Weddings 

I’ve often said that my favorite part of a wedding (dammit, Katherine Heigl)—on the rare occasion these days that a couple hasn’t done a private […]