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Drink This Now: Royal Boucherie’s $2 Martini

How much would you expect to pay for a martini at one of the city’s hottest bars? $12? $15? At Royal Boucherie during lunchtime, you’ll […]

sober chefs philadelphia

How Philly’s Sober Chefs Are Changing the Way We Drink

The hospitality industry is built, one could argue, around booze. We look to restaurants and bars not just as places to fulfill a basic need, […]


The 6 Big Trends in Philly Bars Right Now

1. Wine, Snoot-Free You’ve surely heard of natural wines, no? Those wines with the fun labels that are pouring at places like Walnut Street Café […]

kombucha on tap
Be Well Philly

13 Places to Get Kombucha on Tap Around Philadelphia

Kombucha is a delicious, bubbly, fermented beverage that’s best known for being filled with probiotics. It also happens to be a great alternative to drinking beer […]


Dear Philly Restaurants: Wine Shouldn’t Be This Expensive

Wine lists are starting at around $50 a bottle these days. Have you noticed? I’m talking today. When wine is more available to us than it’s […]


9 Summer-Perfect Cocktails From Philly’s Best Bartenders

Spritzes, punches, coolers, swizzles: The most fashionable cocktails to sip this season are the ones that allow for all-day drinking (a trend no doubt ushered […]


Hop Sing Laundromat Owner: No Fan of Bad Tippers, Cheesesteaks or (Ugh) “Mixologists”

Behind the Line is Foobooz’s interview series with the people who make up Philadelphia’s dynamic bar and restaurant scene. Click here for the full archive. […]


Six Rooftop Bars to Grab a Drink at This Summer

Continental Midtown 1801 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse Height, in stories: 3 Go for: A three-martini lunch. Tables are precious on this roof deck, so be prepared to elbow […]


Bucks County Brewery Honors Jason Kelce With His Own Beer

Well it didn’t take long, but we finally have a beer commemorating Jason Kelce’s epic Super Bowl parade pump-up speech thanks to one local brewery […]

Be Well Philly

You Can Join a Matcha Crawl Across Philly on Friday

First of all, if we had known “tea consultant” was a career option, we definitely would’ve made some different choices in life. But even though […]


When Did Tipping Your Barista Get So Damn Complicated?

A cup of drip coffee in the city goes for about $2 now — which already feels like a lot of money for what is […]


Local Booze Is a Perfect Last-Minute Gift Idea

We’re just a few shopping days out from the big day now, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve still got a few (read: all) […]

Be Well Philly

This Cult-Favorite Almond Milk Brand Just Cut a TON of Sugar From Its Recipes

When we tried Origin Almond’s vegan almond milk back in 2016, it pretty quickly got our two-thumbs-up of approval. For one thing, it’s lacking in […]


Barrel-Aged (and Whiskey-Infused) Coffee From a Legendary Philly Roaster

These days, it seems like they put whiskey in just about everything from bath soap to brownies. Not always the actual booze (actually, kinda rarely […]


The First Rule of Beer Club…

Local 44 has a new program running through their bottle shop, and it’s the perfect gift for the beer nerd in your life. Or for […]