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Two Philly Fitness Pros Are Redefining What a Healthy Diet Means

If you feel like diets are more popular than ever these days, you’re right: More than a third of Americans follow a specific eating pattern […]

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Part-Time Dieting Might Be the Key to Reaching Weight-Loss Goals

Much like a full-time job, dieting can screw with your social life and take up loads of valuable space in your brain. So this news […]

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The Checkup: How This Common Ingredient Could Be Making You Fat 

• Put dooooown the salt shaker: New research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that folks were hungrier when they were on higher-sodium […]


Nutrisystem Buys South Beach Diet for $15 Million

Nutrisystem has bought South Beach Diet from SBD Holdings Group Corp. for $15 million. Fort Washington, Pa.-based Nutrisystem plans to re-launch the South Beach Diet brand as […]

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The Checkup: 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Diets in Less than a Week

• Here’s a depressing statistic: Only 20 percent of people who decide to begin dieting make it to the three-month mark, according to new research. […]

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Why Eating Gluten Free Has Become One Big, Fat Joke

Do you eat gluten free? I do, and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me when people like Miley or Gwyneth advocate […]

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SLO-tility: A New Philly-Made Crowdsourcing Diet

Imagine this: What if you felt full all the time? Now, you’re probably thinking, “Heck ya, smaller grocery bills and waistlines!” But believe it or […]

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This Is an Online Dating Site Just for Gluten-Free Eaters

{In my very best infomercial voice. Ahem.} Are you single and wheat free? Do you enjoy gluten-free bread, pasta and cupcakes, and seek to enjoy […]

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The Best Meal Strategy for Weight Loss

So you’re interested in dropping some pounds. Maybe you should take this pop quiz first: What’s the smartest meal strategy for you to adopt? A. […]

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Read This: An Open Apology from a Weight-Loss Consultant

I know quite a few health coaches and dieticians who will find this open apology from a former weight-loss consultant rather interesting. It’s a mea […]

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The Downside of Going Gluten Free: Everything Tastes Gross

Did you catch the NewsWorks piece from earlier this week written by Philly comedian and begrudging celiac sufferer Valerie DiMambro about what it’s really like […]

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To Do: Insect Dinner—As in, You Will Eat Bugs—at Morris Arboretum

Insects are high in protein, low in calories, and have been hailed as the food of the future. Believe it or not, the U.N. recently […]

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The Checkup: Calorie Counts for All Your Favorite Bar Drinks

• This. Is. Brilliant. Thank you, Greatist, for your brand new infographic that maps out exactly how many calories I’m taking in when I put […]

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To Do: Seven-Day Raw Food Challenge with Unite Fitness

If you’ve been looking for a way to make big changes in the way you eat, Unite Fitness has an idea: try going raw. A […]

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The Checkup: Six Pasta Recipes for Under 500 Calories

• NOM NOM NOM: Check out these ooey, gooey delicious pasta recipes that clock in at under 500 calories. Is it dinner time yet? [Fitness Magazine] […]