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There’s a Giant Ferris Wheel Coming to City Hall for the Holidays

This year, Philly is really spreading (out) the holiday cheer. For the first time ever, the city’s beloved Christmas Village will extend beyond LOVE Park […]

national dog show
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National Dog Show Will Decide Which of These Very Good Dogs Are the Best Very Good Dogs

We hear there’s a big sporting event going on this weekend. (Something about a 2018 Super Bowl rematch?) But if your focus is entirely on […]

City Life

A Wawa Gas Station on Columbus Boulevard? No Way, Neighbors Say. But a Regular Wawa? Sure!

If you’ve been following Bart Blatstein’s proposed Wawa gas station along Columbus Boulevard in South Philly, you know that a big chunk of the neighborhood […]

traffic congestion fees congestion pricing
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This Philly Driving App Wants to Save Lives — and Earn You Shake Shack

Ryan Frankel remembers this about the bicycling accident that nearly killed him in 2015: The person behind the steering wheel of the red light-running oncoming […]

concrete cowboys bartram's garden
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You Can Help Philly’s Real Concrete Cowboys Settle Into Permanent Stables

For some, talk of Philly’s “Concrete Cowboys” might conjure up visions of British actor Idris Elba on horseback, thanks to the star’s role in a […]

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Philly Could See Record Low Temperatures This Week — and Maybe a Dash of Snow

If you were to step outside right now, on Monday afternoon, you’d find yourself in the balmy embrace of fall. Temperatures in the mid-60s, the […]

bill golderer
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Can This Charismatic Pastor Rally Philly Around Its Most Intractable Problem?

Almost four years ago, I met Bill Golderer for the first time, and like many people who meet Bill Golderer, I felt moved. I can’t […]

bipolar diagnosis
City Life

I Built My Identity Around Being Bipolar. Then My Doctor Said I’m Not Bipolar

My psychiatrist first floated the idea that I don’t have bipolar disorder months ago, when we were spending another session dissecting my history of disasters. […]

youse guys
City Life

Why Youse Guys Should Start Saying Y’all

Anytime I’m talking to someone new, the question inevitably arises: “Wait — where are you from?” My apparent outsider status is given away by one […]

carmen maria machado in the dream house
City Life

Philly’s Latest Literary Star Has a Second Book Out This Week

One of Philly’s most distinguished modern writers, Carmen Maria Machado, has a second book out this week. The 33-year-old Penn professor’s memoir, In the Dream […]

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Behold This Giant Cocoon by the Group Behind the Navy Yard Sea Monster

The Navy Yard is about to get weird. Group X, the anonymous Philly-based art collective responsible for SEA MONSTERS HERE (the bright blue, green and […]

world cafe
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New World Cafe Host Raina Douris on Following David Dye and Why Radio Will Never Die

David Dye hasn’t been the full-time host of World Cafe on WXPN since 2017. But let’s be honest: If we were to ask you for […]

urban outfitters pregnancy discrimination lawsuit
City Life

This Exton Mom Says Urban Outfitters Fired Her for Trying to Get Pregnant Again

While many workplaces seem to have gotten the message about certain types of discrimination, pregnancy discrimination remains a “rampant” problem at many companies, according to […]

pennsylvania turnpike tolls
City Life

Say Goodbye to Cash Tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Long, idling car lines at Pennsylvania Turnpike tollbooths (and tollbooth attendants) could soon be a thing of the past. By late 2021, tollbooths on the […]

rhynhart kenney
City Life

Rhynhart vs. Kenney: Inside the Most Contentious Relationship in City Hall

Let’s start at the top: If age generally moves politicians to the right, Mayor Jim Kenney seems utterly determined to stand that notion on its […]