Dear Philly: Meet Your Poster Child for the Super Bowl This Sunday

Earlier today, we published our Beantown Beatdown video, in which fabulous Philadelphians like Stephen Starr and Blondell Reynolds Brown read insults about Boston sent in […]


And Now, Fabulous Philadelphians Read Your Best Boston Insults

Last week, we asked Philly Mag readers — and actual professional comedians Chip Chantry and Doogie Horner — to come up with their best and […]


WATCH: Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Solves the Great Patriots Mystery

Cutting a fun little promo with shades of the Bourne Identity or any number of high-stress political thrillers, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro “solved” the […]


Philly Bookie Says Literally Everybody Has Bet On the Eagles

On Thursday afternoon, we called our favorite Philadelphia bookie. No, not to place a Super Bowl bet, because that would be, uh, illegal, silly. We […]


Sleeping With the Enemy: When Your Wife Is a Patriots Fan

A secret wife and kids. A gambling problem. A sudden desire to turn your basement into an S&M dungeon. These are all things that a […]


The PSPCA’s “Underdogs” Are Now Donning Eagles Jerseys

Underdog fever has spread to every corner of this city. It’s even reached our actual underdogs. The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has […]

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Forget Crisco and Gear Oil: Ten Better Ways to Keep Eagles Fans Off Light Poles

On Tuesday, we told you that Philly police won’t waste any more time or Crisco by greasing light poles ahead of the Super Bowl. Apparently […]


How a Stupid Latex Dog Mask Saved the Eagles Season

Chris Long might not have seemed the most likely savior for Philadelphia sports fans. Granted, he’s football royalty — son of Hall of Fame defensive […]


Bob Brady and Tom Brady Have More in Common Than You Think

What could a California-born Super Bowl quarterback possibly have in common with a 72-year-old United States congressman from West Philly? Here, an analysis. They Have […]


Our Favorite Philly vs. Boston Super Bowl Wagers

For my money, perhaps the best thing about the Super Bowl (outside of the game itself) is the gambling. From guessing the final score to […]

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Report: U.S. Rep. Bob Brady Will Not Run for Reelection

After 20 years as a Pennsylvania congressman, Philly Democratic party boss Bob Brady will not run for reelection to the U.S. House. The Inquirer and the […]

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Mayor Kenney Might Be Philly’s Most Superstitious Eagles Fan

Eagles fans are superstitious. We refuse to take off lucky underwear for weeks. We cover weird scarecrows in Eagles garb and leave them outside our houses. And […]

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This Video Just Might End Hating on Eagles Fans Once and for All

Everyone knows Eagles fans get a bad rap. Yes, it’s partly because of the media (and yes, this magazine hasn’t helped matters). But let’s face it: Our […]

G Philly

The 12th Street Gym Officially Closes on Wednesday

After more than 30 years in the Gayborhood, the landmark 12th Street Gym is closing down for good on Wednesday night. Once a popular sweat […]

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Philly Police: We’re Not Wasting Time Greasing Any More Poles

The Philadelphia Police Department has decided it’s not going to waste any more time or Crisco by greasing light poles ahead of the Super Bowl. After […]