No, Philly, You Will Not Be Getting All-You-Can-Drink Bud Light on Thursday

You may have heard that the streets of Philadelphia are going to be awash in free Bud Light on Thursday for the Eagles Super Bowl […]


Tom Brady Snubbed Nick Foles After Losing the Super Bowl

“If you can’t accept losing, you can’t win,” legendary football coach Vince Lombardi poignantly once said while in the throes of defeat. New England Patriots […]

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Several Eagles Players Say No Thanks to Visiting Trump

You can bet the Eagles will rally full-force behind our Super Bowl parade on Thursday. But the winning team’s traditional post-game visit to the White House? […]


Eagles Super Bowl Parade Confirmed for Thursday

If you currently have any plans for Thursday — job interviews, surgeries, theses defenses — you’re probably going to want to change them. The Eagles […]

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Super Bowl Celebration: Eagles Fans Take Over Philly

At long last, Philly has proven itself. We took down the Patriots. We took down Tom Brady. When we celebrated, we took down an entire […]


Patriots, My Ass: Philly vs. Boston Through the Ages

Founding Sect ❌  Them: Puritans. Bad hats. ✅  Us: Quakers. Cool cats. Witch Trials ❌  Them: Salem, 1692-’93—20 executions, 5 deaths in prison, 12 more […]


10 Eagles Hype Videos to Get You Pumped for Super Sunday

Are you amped for Sunday’s Super Bowl rematch between the Eagles and those no-good New England Patriots? I, myself, seem to have developed a nervous […]

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Here Are the Details on the LOVE Statue’s Long-Awaited Return

LOVE will soon be in the air. Couples and cameras, prepare yourselves: The LOVE Park statue will (at long last!) come back to its rightful […]

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City: Don’t Plan on Parking on Broad Street for the Super Bowl

We’re two days away from the Super Bowl. Have you thought about parking plans? There will be NO PARKING (period) on a significant stretch of […]


South Philly Woman Claims City Worker Framed Her for Recycling Violation

Update: About an hour after we published this story, the city told us that it is voiding the ticket and investigating. What is it with […]

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City Council Declares Push to End Cash Bail in Philly

Philadelphia officials have declared their intention to end cash bail in the city. In a symbolic but nonetheless historic move, City Council members passed a resolution on […]


Dear Philly: Meet Your Poster Child for the Super Bowl This Sunday

Earlier today, we published our Beantown Beatdown video, in which fabulous Philadelphians like Stephen Starr and Blondell Reynolds Brown read insults about Boston sent in […]


And Now, Fabulous Philadelphians Read Your Best Boston Insults

Last week, we asked Philly Mag readers — and actual professional comedians Chip Chantry and Doogie Horner — to come up with their best and […]


WATCH: Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Solves the Great Patriots Mystery

Cutting a fun little promo with shades of the Bourne Identity or any number of high-stress political thrillers, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro “solved” the […]


Philly Bookie Says Literally Everybody Has Bet On the Eagles

On Thursday afternoon, we called our favorite Philadelphia bookie. No, not to place a Super Bowl bet, because that would be, uh, illegal, silly. We […]