The Eagles Parade: A Love Letter to Philly

If my shoes could talk they would say this: “I bring you tales of Parkway mud, battered vegetation, wet strips of green confetti, traces of […]


PHOTOS: Eagles Fans Will Climb Literally Anything

We all knew Philadelphians were skilled greased-pole climbers. Perhaps lesser known until the Eagles Super Bowl parade, however, was that Philadelphians will climb literally anything. […]


Sorry, Chase Utley, But Jason Kelce Just Stole Your Place In Philly History

I’ve met Jason Kelce before. I’m sure many of you have, whether it was out at a restaurant in Center City one night or on […]


This Jason Kelce Eagles Parade Speech Is the Best Effing Thing Ever

There are going to be a lot of great moments from today’s Eagles parade in Philadelphia, but this speech that Eagles player Jason Kelce just […]


Overheard at the Eagles Parade: Early Edition

Overhear something funny at the Eagles Super Bowl Parade in Philadelphia? Tweet it with #OverheardAtEaglesParade. Here’s what we’ve heard so far today … #overheardateaglesparade Tweets


PHOTOS: Philly Is Extremely Hype for the Eagles Parade

Eagles fans from all over the region, in their finest greens, are descending upon Philadelphia. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. If […]


WATCH: Eagles Players Ham It Up on Late-Night Talk Shows

With our Philadelphia Eagles the toast of the sporting world following their 41-33 win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, several Birds […]

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Your Survival Guide to the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

You might be feeling a tad anxious. Or overwhelmed. Or maybe just downright excited. Chances are, it’s a combination of all three. To help prepare you […]


Police: Here’s the Guy Who Smashed the Macy’s Window

The Eagles’ Super Bowl win sure does have the Philadelphia Police Department busy. Earlier today, we told you the arrest of a 20-year-old guy from […]

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Meet the Eagles Fan Who Brought Bourbon, a Paper, and a Big Flag to His Father’s Grave

Philly has waited way too long for a Super Bowl win. Now, on the heels of victory, Eagles fans are paying tribute to lifelong supporters who won’t be able […]


You Can Still Get a Hotel Room in Philly for the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

The city says it expects two or three million people to descend upon Philadelphia for the Eagles Super Bowl parade on Thursday. So it’s not […]


The Last Daily Regional Rail Passes for Eagles Parade Are Selling Out Fast

Scores of dedicated Birds fans spent hours waiting in line on Tuesday for a chance to purchase special daily Regional Rail passes for Thursday’s Eagles […]


Main Line Guy Charged in Car-Flipping After Super Bowl

Yes, the majority of us in Philadelphia behaved ourselves after the Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday, but there were more than a few […]

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Road Closures, Parking Restrictions for the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

One day until Eagles fans once again take over the city. Have you told your boss you’re skipping work? Looked over the parade route? Thought […]

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PPD: Men Broke Into, Vandalized Center City A.C. Moore After the Super Bowl

Police are searching for two men who allegedly used a pole to break the window of a Center City A.C. Moore after the Eagles won […]