Traffic Lights Out? City Says Power Outages, Heavy Rain to Blame

Traffic lights out near you? You’re not alone. Drivers and pedestrians are reporting a plethora of traffic light outages across the city on Monday, including in […]

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Departing Employee Accused Philly FIGHT of “Pervasive Racism” in Staff-Wide Email

A year after the management and staff of Philadelphia FIGHT, a Gayborhood nonprofit with a storied history of AIDS advocacy, were mandated to undergo racial-bias […]

nick foles, matthew mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey Bought Nick Foles a Full-Page Newspaper Ad

Nick Foles got an unexpected surprise from a fellow Austin, Texas, native this weekend. Actor Matthew McConaughey bought our Eagles superstar a full-page newspaper ad on Sunday […]


Reggie Bryant: The Trailblazing Broadcaster Who Spoke Truth to Power

“It’s not what you know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know that’s just not so.” That’s how Reggie Bryant would end every […]


Bennie Swans: The Warrior

When I was born 50 years ago, a young Bennie Swans had already joined the pitched battle for the souls of Philadelphia’s Black folks. His […]


Charles Bowser: The Ultimate Power Player

From listening to my parents and grandparents wax eloquent about him decades ago, to reading the glowing local newspaper articles about him, to eventually working […]


Michael Hinson: The Voice in the Hall

“Have you met Michael?” Longtime activist Tyrone Smith asked me this back in 2016 as I was writing about acts of racial discrimination in the […]


Heroes: Black Philadelphia Icons

When the city erected a statue of Octavius Catto on the apron of City Hall last September, it went up with a jaw-dropping distinction: It […]


Sadie T.M. Alexander: Philly’s Great Hidden Figure

It’s important to understand that I’m not a native Philadelphian. I was born and raised in a Midwestern city where Black people were supposed to […]


Marian Anderson: A Voice That Shattered Barriers

Marian Anderson had a special affinity for D-flat because the note was so flattering to her voice. “D-flat made me think of velvet,” she said. […]


One of Us: Jannie Blackwell

My full name is … Jannie — with two “N’s” — L. Blackwell. The “L” stands for Lorraine. My maiden name is Brooks. They used […]

eagles fans parade

Here’s What the World Is Saying About Eagles Fans

We did it, Philly. We made it through our very first Super Bowl parade. We endured jokes that we would burn our city to the ground […]

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Here’s How Quickly the Streets Department Is Spiffing Philly Up

We’re not sure how many ecstatic fans flooded the city for the Eagles parade on Thursday. Some are confident that the celebration brought close to 2 million people […]


There’s No Way Only 700,000 People Attended the Eagles Parade

You may have already heard, but a whooole lot of people packed Broad Street and the Parkway on Thursday for the Eagles parade. Given our […]


Philadelphia Just Showed the World How to Have a Super Bowl Parade

Well, Philadelphia, we did it. We finally won the Super Bowl. And we finally had a Super Bowl parade. Here’s the report card. The Police: […]