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carson king

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: I Got Yer First Stone Right Here

So here comes Carson King, a lighthearted young Iowa gridiron fan who hoists a sign in the background of the College Game Day show on […]

rob dunphy eagles fan tattoos

We Chatted With Eagles Fan Rob Dunphy About All Those Philly Tattoos

If you were watching the Eagles decimate the Packers on Thursday — or if you’ve been anywhere near social media anytime since — no doubt […]


Gov. Wolf Is Finally Chill About Legalizing Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf has finally opened his mind to the idea of legalizing recreational weed use in Pennsylvania … after Lt. Gov. John Fetterman shined a […]

lenfest institute grants

With $5 Million Grant, Lenfest Institute Makes Its Largest-Ever Investment in Local News

In today’s media world, fraught with layoffs and hedge fund takeovers, one of the surest methods of survival — temporary survival, anyway — is ownership by a […]

spotted lanternfly philadelphia pennsylvania

This Spotted Lanternfly Problem Is About to Get Even More Disgusting

It seems like not an hour goes by in the Philadelphia area without somebody posting photos of their latest spotted lanternfly kills, swarms of those […]

philadelphia parking authority ppa notice

The Philadelphia Parking Authority Is Cutting Car Owners a Break. For Once.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has been quietly enacting a policy that makes us wonder if the agency isn’t as bad as we once thought. It […]

helen gym settlements

Helen Gym Wants the City to Publicly Disclose All Lawsuit Settlements

Philly taxpayers pitched in a whopping $48 million to settle legal disputes against the city in the 2019 fiscal year, according to Councilmember Helen Gym’s office. The claims encompassed sidewalk […]

gritty birthday

It Gritty’s Birthday!!!

When the Flyers unveiled their new mascot Gritty on September 24, 2018, the reaction was one of shock, disbelief, dread. Looking at it — this ghoulish, […]


West Philly Woman Turns Dead Spotted Lanternflies Into Jewelry

All of this spotted lanternfly killing has left us with one small problem: There are dead spotted lanternfly bodies all over the place. But one […]

philadelphia orchestra

Where to Watch Free Philadelphia Orchestra Pop-up Concerts

Don’t miss out: Philadelphia Orchestra members will perform for free at 32 random locations in the region on Monday. The pop-up concerts are part of […]


Critics Say Richard Florida’s Ideas Helped Ruin American Cities. Can He Redeem Himself in Philly?

The subject was grim — poverty and the struggling middle class — but when Richard Florida took the stage at Drexel one evening this past […]

Maria Quiñones Sánchez

Maria Quiñones Sánchez on Her Pet Shih Tzu and Hanging Out in Northeast Philly Bars

My full name is … Maria de los Angeles Quiñones Sánchez. The woman next to my mother in the delivery room — her child passed […]

pumpkin spice phone

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The Pumpkin Spice Phone

Our birthday happens to cozy right up to Halloween, and as a child, we preferred pumpkin pie to cake to fete the occasion. Anybody can have […]

celebrities in philly

Philly Is the Best City in America to Be a Celebrity. No, Really.

Sometime this summer, I walked out of Philly Mag’s Washington Square offices and stumbled upon a camera crew intently following a man gazing up in […]

pew philadelphia report

60,000 People Leave Philly Each Year. But It’s Not Like All of Them Hate It.

After a run of consistent population decline from 1950 to 2006, Philadelphia has, in recent years, enjoyed touting itself as a renaissance city — full […]