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amber hikes office of lgbt affairs

Amber Hikes on Leading the Office of LGBT Affairs in Tumultuous Times

Amber Hikes, who has led the city’s Office of LGBT Affairs for the past two years, announced her resignation earlier this week. Hikes, a black […]

Stu Bykofsky

Stu Bykofsky Is About to Be Out of a Job — and He Has Plenty to Say About It

Whether they love him or hate him, everybody in the Philadelphia media world today is talking about Stu Bykofsky. From out of nowhere, the controversial […]

two-way protected bike lane

Philly’s 2-Way Protected Bike Lanes Are Getting Closer to Center City

Philly’s getting another two-way protected bike lane, and this time it’ll be located a little closer to the heart of the city. The project will […]


What to Know About the Spruce and Pine Street Bike Lane Revamp

The city has begun its highly anticipated revamp of the Spruce and Pine street bike lanes. The project will, among other things, switch the road’s two bike […]

hahnemann university hospital bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want Hahnemann Hospital to Close

A lot of people are angry and upset over the planned closure of Hahnemann University Hospital — and that includes 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. […]


The Beautiful Weirdness of Philly, One House Picture at a Time

John Ricco describes the scene like he was there. “There was some typically narrow Philadelphia block, where everyone’s just hanging out on the street. It’s […]

philadelphia foundation

You Can Help Give Away $1 Million of the Philadelphia Foundation’s Money

It’s not very often that you get the chance to spend someone else’s money, but the Philadelphia Foundation is encouraging just that with a new […]

sledding art museum steps snow day

New Snow Day Law Makes It Official: Pennsylvania Hates Happiness

It’s summer. For a few blissful weeks, children are free to romp happily, chase the ubiquitous music of ice cream trucks, devour cup after cup of cherry water […]

changing south philly

Can South Philly Hold On to What’s Always Made It Unique?

In the late summer of 1981, very much against my Catholic mother’s wishes, I had just moved into a rowhouse at 17th and Naudain — […]

south philly quiz

Quiz: How Well Do You Know South Philly?

How well do you know the South’s quirky neighborhood trivia and traditions? Let’s find out.

black in south philly

Racial Discrimination Is the Legacy South Philly Can’t Seem to Outgrow

I always had a visceral dislike for Frank Sinatra,” says Tayyib Smith, owner of Little Giant Creative and co-owner of Pipeline Philly, “and I realized […]

south philly timeline

A Brief Timeline of South Philly Through the Ages

40,000 BCE– 10,000 BCE Paleolithic peoples enter North America. The Lenape settle territory along the Delaware Watershed. Buffalo roam. 1631 Dutch settlers establish a foothold […]

sunoco pipeline

Should We Be Afraid of the Mariner East Pipeline?

It was dark outside, around 5 a.m., when the flames took over the sky. Neighbors described it like this: a loud hissing noise. A massive […]

visit philly

Puzzled by That Ad Comparing Philly to Barcelona? It’s Not Such a Stretch, Says Tourism Head

Philadelphia has seen a record-breaking number of visitors for seven straight years in large part thanks to the advertising efforts of tourism agency Visit Philadelphia. CEO Jeff […]

katie muth elizabeth warren

Elizabeth Warren Just Gave This Montco State Senator a Shout-Out

Montgomery County state Sen. Katie Muth is getting a lot of attention right now — including, most notably, from 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. Muth, […]