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Need a Job? Want to Serve John Bolaris Drinks?

With its grand opening just two weeks away, Arrow Swim Club in Northern Liberties is hiring. Specifically, they are hiring “dynamic hospitality providers”. Now if […]


Dude, Where’s My Wheelchair?

“Can I please have a wheelchair?” I asked the x-ray technician. He seemed a little surprised, but said, “Yeah, sure. Let me find one.” “Find […]


What The Orchestra Needs Is A Little “Supercalifragilistic-Expialidocious”

The next time the bankrupt Philadelphia Orchestra takes the stage at the Kimmel Center, it will be for a night of Stravinsky’s Apollon Musagète and […]


Rick Santorum’s Motto Mess

So former Inky op-ed opinionator Rick Santorum has a presidential campaign exploration website that prominently features on its home page this slogan: “Fighting to make […]


The Orchestra Walks Off Stage

The Orchestra Walks Off Stage. Last night, members of the Philadelphia Orchestra left their seats and walked into the audience to distribute anti-bankruptcy pamphlets. The […]


Remind Me: Why Can’t SEPTA Run On Time?

As I stood on the train platform yesterday morning, not-so-patiently waiting in the rain for the R3 as its scheduled 7:35 a.m. arrival time came […]


The Cost of Losing the Philadelphia Orchestra

Tonight’s a Philadelphia Orchestra night. I sit in the front row. Over the past 10 years, I’ve become acquainted with many violinists and cellists. Truthfully, […]


A Kinder, Gentler PPA

Dear PPA: A few months back, my fiancé and I had a small run-in with you. You know the type—just the de rigueur sort of little […]


Philly Unions Embarrass Themselves By Backing Milton Street

Union bashing is cheap and, most of the time, unwarranted and unfair. But not today. Two of Philadelphia’s four big municipal unions have utterly disgraced […]


?uestlove to Jam With Earth, Wind & Fire on the 4th of July

This morning in Room 202 of City Hall — it was supposed to be outside, but the weather didn’t cooperate — Mayor Michael Nutter announced […]

Be Well Philly

The Debate Over Planned Parenthood

Last week, Planned Parenthood won a brief reprieve from its enemies in the Republican Party in the fracas around the budget. The GOP made defunding […]


How the PPA Can Screw You

Danielle Sheller recently had the car she was driving seized by the Philadelphia Police Department and towed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), after which […]


Live Music: Tropicana vs. Tin Angel

Saturday night, my 21-year-old son, Sam, and I headed down the Expressway to A.C. to see the band Yes, music he is passionate for and […]


Big Government Contributed to Tastykake’s Failure

“Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykake.” While that jingle can be hummed by most Philadelphians, odds are that another company will soon […]


Sam Katz: My So-Called Digital Life

Okay. I admit it. I have become a Facebook freak. My son confirmed it to me last night with a high five. It started harmlessly […]