Broad Street Run

Everything you need to know to get you race-ready for Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run, our city’s most popular 10-miler.

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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Training for the Broad Street Run in Under a Month

If you’re reading, I’m going to assume you’ve found yourself with less than a month until the Broad Street Run on May 6 — and […]

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The Best Trails for Speed Training Runs Around Philadelphia

Most of the time when one thinks of speed training for Broad Street, tempo runs and intervals will come to mind. Runners will focus on […]

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This Philadelphia Gym Is Hosting a Race Recovery Class After the Broad Street Run

While I’m sure many of you are in the throes of your Broad Street Run training — perhaps even running a little behind schedule on […]

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Here’s Where You Can Still Get a Broad Street Run Bib — And Partake in Some Fun Training Runs

Whether you’ve already got your Broad Street Run bib, or missed the lottery and wish you did, there are some super-fun runs on the calendar […]

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3 Changes to Make to Your Diet While Training for the Broad Street Run

It’s that time of year again: Time to train for the Broad Street Run. Hopefully by this time, you’ve started running — or at least, like, […]

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How to Run Broad Street Faster This Year Than You Ever Have Before

Let’s face it, while hopefully we all run because we enjoy it and it feels good, we also run to get faster. And while it’s […]

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10 Awesome Photos From the Broad Street Run (Including a Marriage Proposal!)

Yesterday, thousands of runners took to Broad Street to tackle 10 miles on foot in the Broad Street Run. Let’s pause to give them all […]

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Cecily Tynan Shares Her Top 7 Tips for Running Broad Street

While 6abc meteorologist and avid runner Cecily Tynan won’t be pounding the pavement down Broad Street in this year’s Blue Cross Broad Street Run, she […]

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Expert Tips: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Eat Leading Up to a Big Race

Listen up, soon-to-be Blue Cross Broad Street Run runners: this year’s race is right around the corner! (Is it just me, or do you wish […]

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Where to Get Free Beer (and Shake Shack!) After the Broad Street Run

After running your little heart out for 10 miles down Broad Street, you deserve some snacks and sweet hangs. And the folks at Philadelphia Runner have your back: Once […]

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The Complete Broad Street Run Guide for Runners and Spectators

Get your dazzling and witty signs ready, folks, because the big day is rapidly approaching. Six days from now, on Sunday, May 7th, runners and spectators […]

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Broad Street Run Training: You’re About to Begin the Most Important Week of Training

One of my favorite running quotes is “The race is just a victory lap.” How you perform on race day is mostly a result of […]

5 Lessons We Can All Learn From the Philadelphia Running Community
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Broad Street Run Training: Mental Strategies to Power Through a Race

No matter how many miles you log preparing, there’s no escaping that point in the race when your breathing becomes more difficult, your legs feel […]

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Broad Street Run Training: The One Skill to Practice Now for a Stronger Race Day

If I asked you to run six miles, making each mile slightly faster than the previous, could you do it? The truth is, most runners […]

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Broad Street Run Training: Two 10-Minute Workouts That Will Help You PR

Let’s say you have two identical bicycles, one with treaded mountain bike tires and the other with smooth road bike tires. Which bike would you […]