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This Modern Chestnut Hill House Is a Master Class in Maximalism

Hannah Dee thought she wanted to live in a rancher — until her realtor took her to see a boxy building in Chestnut Hill. “What […]


A World of Unique Furniture and More at DesignPhiladelphia 2019

Each year in the spring, the Philadelphia Furniture Show puts one-of-a-kind custom furniture from our region’s finest designers, plus others from further afield, on display […]

fashion district philadelphia review philadelphia icon mural

Fashion District Philadelphia: A Work-in-Progress Review

While the shopping mall as we have come to know it may not be dead yet, malls are either dying or on life support in […]


38-Foot-Tall “Skyscraper” Wins AIA Housing Award

Once-derelict city neighborhoods continue to be transformed by builders who throw up new houses by the dozens on standard-sized or larger vacant lots. As those […]

power home remodeling expansion 5th floor collab space

Power Home Remodeling Builds an Addition to Its Home

In the eight years since it moved its corporate headquarters to the Chester waterfront, Power Home Remodeling Group has set out to change the way […]

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The She Shed Rules

“Who run the world?” the women who designed and built the She Shed at Rotelle Studio(e)’s first “He vs. She Shed Shindig” asked as the competition […]


A Look Inside The Classiest Fairfield Inn You’ve Ever Seen

Even at its nadir, there was something elegant about the Parker Spruce Hotel at 13th and Spruce streets in Washington Square West. The simplicity of […]


Old City Events Explore the Sensory (And Sensual) Side of Design

Design — good, bad, and otherwise — is meant to provoke reactions in the viewer or user of an object beyond a simple “I love it” or […]

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A Designer Show House Lands on Elfreth’s Alley

Most of the homes on Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest occupied residential street in the nation, remain private residences. This means the hordes of tourists who […]


A Day at the Comcast Technology Center, A Night at The Four Seasons

The outside of the Comcast Technology Center is complete, but there’s still some work left to do inside. That didn’t keep the building’s co-owner (with Liberty […]


DesignPhiladelphia 2018 Focuses on The Why of Design

What’s new for DesignPhiladelphia 2018? The biggest new thing is this: You won’t have to traipse all over the city in order to get the gist […]

He Shed She Shed She Shed with roof open

Cool Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Man Cave – and Woman Cave

“All architecture is the decoration of sheds.” —Robert Venturi There you have it, from the Master of Postmodernism himself. Which means that what people saw at Rotelle […]


Hill House Restoration Recognized with National Award

One of the most iconic buildings on Penn’s campus has been hiding in plain sight since 1960. That’s no longer the case now that it’s […]


Why Are Green Roofs Popping Up All Over Philly?

Charlie Miller, engineer and founder of Mount Airy-based Roofmeadow, has become Philly’s go-to green roof guy. Here, he breaks down why they’re the hottest new […]


Meet the Women Who Have Designs on Old City – And Their Handiwork

Remember back in 2015 when the readers of Condé Nast Traveler voted Philadelphia the second-best shopping city in the world, behind only Barcelona? Weren’t you surprised […]