These Two Philly Companies Are Among the Country’s Best Workplaces for Millennials

Fortune recognized the two employers for supporting the generation that “changes jobs frequently and appreciates firms with strong values.”

Part of the Power Home Remodeling team. Photo via Twitter.

If you’re a millennial working in the Philadelphia region, Fortune says there are two local companies that would meet many of your professional needs. The publication released its 2018 “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” list with Great Places to Work and two Philly area organizations were included — exterior home remodeling firm Power Home Remodeling and telecommunications giant Comcast.

Chester’s Power Home Remodeling ranked sixth on the list this year with high praise from employees. Fortune quoted one employee who spoke on the company’s collaborative environment:

“It doesn’t matter where you came from— at Power you’re at the same level as everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you were the cool kid in high school or the kid who got picked on, as soon as you walk through that door we all play for the same team.”

Another employee noted that all employees, regardless of which office they’re in, are on the same page:

“This company is unique in the fact that every time you travel to a different office, meet at HQ or in Mexico everyone is like minded and a “”power person.”” You get the feeling you’ve known this person for years when just minutes ago you were complete strangers. There’s also a sort of language that all employees use and its happened organically, It wasn’t forced upon anyone, it just was universally adopted. It is hard to describe but every employee knows it, because it doesn’t happen every once in awhile it happens every time you meet someone new within the company.”

Power Home Remodeling has made waves for years for its workplace standards. This year the company pushed its culture to new heights when it engaged the country with three #PhillyWantsLebron billboards. Power co-CEO Asher Raphael told Philly Mag the company invested in the billboards because “we knew that our people would think that it was cool and would love it.”

According to Fortune, millennials make up 91 percent of Power’s total workforce.

Comcast is the other Philadelphia and Pennsylvania-based company on the list, ranking 84th. One employee commented on Comcast’s ability to foster a sense of purpose within its employees:

“It’s not easy for a company of this size and scale to make employees feel connected to each other, but they are good at keeping our line of sight on the overall strategy. At other major media networks, I did not have a sense of higher purpose.”

Another employee praised the company for its emphasis on working together:

“COMCAST has a culture of “Working Together to Win Together.” This phrase is more than words— it is our credo, our core value. Our Division President embodies this and it flows down to the rest of the organization. As an employee who has been promoted three times during my three years with COMCAST, I have seen how my opinion mattered whether I was an entry-level employee or a professional. NO idea is ignored. The people here have the right heart— whether it’s the front desk or a VP, everyone treats everyone like they matter.”

In Fortune’s latest survey with Great Places to Work, 91 percent of Comcast NBCUniversal employees surveyed called their workplace great. About 91 percent of those surveyed said they wanted to work at Comcast for a long time and were proud to tell others they worked there.

You can view the complete list here.