Philly Company Immortalizes Jason Kelce in New Office Mural

Health Union, named one of Philly’s 2018 top workplaces, says the Eagles win has been really good for business. So why not celebrate with a permanent Kelce tribute?

Courtesy photo.

In case you needed a Friday reminder that the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions, here it is. Months after the victory, Center City-based health tech platform Health Union, is immortalizing the victory in a brand new office mural.

From afar, the mural depicts people talking to one another, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a faint figure hanging around in the back. It’s none other than Jason Kelce decked out in the Mummer costume he wore to the Eagles victory parade.

Courtesy photo.

“I’m sure that the image of Jason Kelce in his Mummer outfit will be delightfully burned into the retinas of Eagles fans for years to come, and we’re pretty excited that we are going to have that image on our walls for our team to see when they come in to work everyday,” Health Union CEO and co-founder Olivier Chateau told Philadelphia magazine.

As other CEOs have expressed before, the Eagles win is still proving to be good for business and the workplace for companies like Health Union.

“I can’t think of anything else that brings our team together better than our love for the Eagles, especially Jason Kelce,” Chateau said. “Our team is filled with passionate and fiery Philly sports fans, especially our president and co-founder Tim Armand— an Eagles season ticket holder for years — who was very adamant with the artist Bill Strobel (of Chalk Art Philadelphia) that Jason Kelce be part of the mural in our newest office space.”

Courtesy photo.

This year, recognized Health Union as a 2018 Top Philadelphia Workplace, and the company’s new mural is just one part of its commitment to creating an open, yet functional collaborative work environment.

The company owns and operates 17 chronic condition-specific online communities, such as, and, where people living with the challenging conditions can learn and connect with one another.

“We believe that bringing people together can transform that experience, and our goal is to integrate the power of human connection with technology to help people live better with chronic health concerns,” said Chateau.

And the company definitely bests others on the Eagles pride front, too.