It’s Official: Philadelphia’s Benjamin’s Desk Is No More

The incubator network 1776 has taken over the homegrown co-working chain.

Benjamin’s Desk merges with 1776.

As of Thursday, Philly’s homegrown Benjamin’s Desk brand is no more. The co-working space operator has completed its merger with the Washington D.C.-based public benefit corporation 1776. The merger creates the largest network of entrepreneurial incubators in the Northeast Corridor, the organization says.

A yellow kite — homage to Benjamin Franklin — marked the Benjamin’s Desk brand, but the merger is saying goodbye to this familiar identity.

Benjamin’s Desk will operate under 1776 insignia across its entire footprint, though 1776’s logo has been updated to include a subtle reminder of the Benjamin’s Desk kite.

The organization will also tack on the tagline “Where Revolution Begins” as a “nod to the network’s roots in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia and to the disruptive work of member companies engaged in markets that often face regulatory scrutiny,” according to a statement from 1776.

“We’re saying farewell to the brand that served our Philadelphia-based members so well over the past six years,” said 1776 co-CEO Jennifer Maher. “With a refreshed mission and focus, we’re excited about the impact our growing team will make on communities and entrepreneurs throughout the Northeast Corridor.”

That refreshed mission includes repurposing their spaces to create a more flexible, collaborative environment for businesses and startups. 1776 launched it newest location 1776 University City on Thursday.

“We’re partnering with landlords and developers to curate and manage square footage in their buildings,” said 1776 co-CEO Anthony Maher in a statement. “These landlords and developers are critically important to growing ecosystems and shaping cities in this new economy.”

The reworked 1776 network also includes a mentor base of more than 500 professionals for members and live events where entrepreneurs can network and learn. 1776 members can access all campus locations in Washington, D.C., Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia and new locations slated to open in Ambler, Pennsylvania and Brooklyn, New York.

“Our members thrive because of access to community, mentorship, connections, and partnerships. Because our 1776 team now includes experts in business growth, fundraising, and operational precision, we’re uniquely positioned to help founders build strong, scalable companies,” said Anthony Maher.

He added: “This is an exciting time to strategically partner with ecosystem champions to spur innovation in the Northeast Corridor.”