45 Philly Business Influencers to Follow on Twitter Right Now

These change makers use Twitter to spread their ideas and start dialogue. If you can get past the platform’s relentless trolls, follow these people and learn.

Philly business influencers on Twitter.

If you can make it past those unyielding bots and trolls, Twitter can still be a platform for quick ideas and dialogue. Philly’s business community is pretty active on the platform, with leaders sharing their daily musings and others speaking out in support of or against various causes. Here are 45 locals you should be following and why:

1. Adam Grant | @AdamMGrant

Books: GIVE AND TAKE, ORIGINALS, OPTION B. Podcast: WorkLife @TEDTalks@Wharton prof. @NYTopinion. Diver. Arguing like I’m right, listening like I’m wrong

The Wharton professor’s Twitter feed is a stream of article links, hot quotes and excerpts from podcasts, TED Talks and books. The running theme is an examination of how we work.

2. Alex Hillman | @alexhillman

 @hocksncoqs. Chaotic good. Used to work in tech. Always into people. Now working on communities and culture. #Coworking is my jam.

Hillman joined Twitter in October 2006. That should tell you enough. But if his Twitter tenure means nothing to you, you should also know that the Indy Hall co-founder is all for dialogue on Twitter. If he disagrees with something, he’ll make it known. Follow for regular threads and takes on day-to-day local and global happenings in business. Check this out:

3. Antoinette Marie Johnson | @antweetnette

Founder of @Cohere_co, a branding agency focused on revitalizing cities

The Cohere founder is passionate and excited about urban revitalization and design. Follow for daily musings about city life and the future of urbanism.

4. Archna Sahay @ArchnaSahay

Advisor, @SXSW Cities Summit | Board of Directors, @welcomingcenter & @phillyreclaim | #urban #innovation#blockchain #bollywood

Sahay knows how to connect the dots to create a fulfilling feed focused on cutting-edge innovation and how it shapes the direction of cities. Follow for a daily narrative on civics, economic development and social impact.

5. Bob Moul | @bobmoul

Serial #tech CEO. Advocate for #entrepreneurship, education, and economic development in Philly. Fan of the Oxford comma.

Follow for heartfelt takes on why Philly schoolchildren need tech education. Plus, the serial entrepreneur has a lot of coffee meetings each week and gives his followers a look at some of the city’s coolest HQs. You’ll also catch shots of his vacation spots every now and then.

6. Bob Moore | @bobmoore

Now with facial hair! Co-Founder and Chairman @Stitch_Data. Board President @startupleaders. Co-Founder/CEO of RJMetrics (acquired by @Magento). More to come…

The tech founder has a great sense of humor that’s peppered throughout his tweets. Follow for ancient gems like this:

7. Brendan Lowry | @brelow

Building something new. Formerly, founding team at @Curalate. Future @KanyeWest business partner.

Follow for major style, design and hustle inspo. You’ll also get the occasional poem:

8. Brett Topche | @BrettTopche

Managing Director at @RedandBlueVC, co-founder of two boys with @ElleTopche, mediocre roller hockey player

Lots of sports talk and Philly pride on this VC’s account. You’ll also find regular updates about wins in Philly’s entrepreneurship community.

9. Corinne Warnishuis | @corinnepw

Life itself is a lesson to be learned. – Yoko Ono. Executive Director @girldevelopit, building a community-centered movement with many incredible people

The Girl Develop It leader takes us along for a ride as she fights for inclusion in STEM. And she calls it like it is:

10. Courtney Wilburn | @cjwilburn

Lead DevOps Engineer @wirecutter. OG @o3world @wharton @penn.💍of @. In a love/hate thing with running. Lifelong Prince fan. opinions = mine. she/her

Willburn isn’t kidding when she calls herself a lifelong Prince fan. Follow for regular tweets about the iconic singer songwriter and insight at the intersection of social justice and tech.

11. Dalila Wilson Scott | @dalila_says

Mommy of 3. Straight Shooter. Passionate about driving social impact, inclusion + innovation as @Comcast@NBCUniversal’s SVP of Community Impact

The Comcast exec is always on the go. Follow for an inside look at what it’s like to champion inclusion and innovation at one of the country’s leading companies.

12. Danielle Cohn | @daniellecohn

Storyteller who connects + celebrates good people shaping     Head of LIFT Labs. Hope my 💡+📸 inspire you!

Curious what Comcast is up to on the startups and innovation front? Let Cohn’s busy feed be your source.

13. Erica D. Atwood | @EricaInPhilly

CEO, First Degree Consulting. People Lover. Problem Solver. Trouble Maker. Dora Milaje. Gen X. #BBGVPC My tweets are all MINE!

The CEO and public service leader gives us some of her best pop culture takes on Twitter, like when she live tweeted the Oscars. Follow for tweets about justice and equality, and get empowered by ones like this:

14. Erica Windisch | @ewindisch

CTO & Founder of @IOpipes. Maintainer emeritus @Docker & @OpenStack. Building tools for Serverless & AWS Lambda. ⚧ she/her

Follow the founder for important discussion about intersectionality and inclusion. She’s called out everyone from white men in tech to Netflix for not doing enough to support marginalized groups.

15. Felicite Moorman | @FeliciteMoorman

Award-winning #Technology#Entrepreneur for the #InternetofThings & #SmartCities Triple-bottom line growth focused @StratISIoT & @BuLogics#WTFelicite

The successful lawyer turned entrepreneur is Philly’s expert on hot topics like smart cities and the Internet of Things. Follow Moorman for important lessons on leadership and ongoing dialogue about being a woman founder.

16. Gabriel Weinburg | @yegg

CEO & Founder, @DuckDuckGo. Co-author, Traction. I want to publish zines and rage against machines. DM for Signal.

Concerned about internet privacy and safety? Weinberg’s feed is the go-to destination for regular updates on cybersecurity and internet freedom.

16. James Burnett | @JimRBurnett

Small business, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable

Burnett’s feed is all Philly, all the time. Follow for stories about small businesses and entrepreneurs. Bonus: When you follow, he’ll reply with a personal thank you tweet.

17. Jeff Bodle | @jeffbodle

Rhymes with HODL. Startup / M&A / Tech / VC Lawyer. Partner @MLGlobalTech#VUCA navigator. Tweets my own views not firm’s or clients’. RT/like ≠ endorsement.

The Morgan Lewis attorney is probably the Philly tech scene’s biggest advocate. On his feed you’ll find a curated stream about capital and startup activity in the region.

18. Jeffrey Allen Friedman | @Jeff_A_Friedman

Runner | Extroverted Introvert | Constructive Contrarian | Vegan | Philadelphian (East Kensington) | Extreme Pragmatist

Follow this civic technologist for a daily dose of development news in Philly. Friedman also retweets good news from local entrepreneurs and often lets followers in on his location via Squarespace’s Swarm app.

19. Jon Gosier | @jongos

Music and Influencer Data Scientist. Venture Capitalist and Founder of @SouthboxHQ. LA and Philly.

Follow for a look at what’s new in tech, with a special focus on ad tech, gaming and music.

20. Josh Kopelman | @joshk

Father. Geek. INTJ

The VC is very active on Twitter, with regular updates from the First Round world. He uses his feed to share big job and event opportunities.

21. Jumoke Dada | @jumokedada

Believer | First Gen + | Technologist – @SignatureRED | Founder – @TechWomenWork & @ProjectALOE | Contributor – @WomenatForbes

Dada is always cooking something up for her faithful followers who are just as passionate as she is about black women in tech and business. Follow for the latest on the events she’s planning or for the latest piece she’s published on Forbes. She’s behind the powerful hash tag “No More Hidden Figures.”

22. Kristin Anne Dudley | @kadud

2017 HR Disruptor of the Year | MSOD | Workplace Documentarian | Building @CandiChemistry™ & Co/Create LLC | Visit me @tweedvideo

The video producer and founder is set on helping workplaces tell their stories. Follow along to learn more about what she means by “employment branding.”

23. Lauren Hallden | @phillylauren

Product design at @stitch_data, creator of Online Dating Ipsum, a therapy cost calculator, @alonelyproject & @phillydayhiker.

This Stitch Data product designer hikes and writes a lot. She has the funniest stories about her experiences with online dating and ads on Instagram. Follow for good laughs and candid tweets about everyday life things.

24. Liz Brown | @lizbrownsays

Co-CEO & Head of Design @Webjunto#UX, Civic Hacker, Urban Planner, #womanintech, problem solver & catalyst for change. Also reppin’ Kingston NY

The Webjunto co-founder has started doing daily motivational videos packed with life hacks she swears by. Here’s her take on how she intentionally continues to learn:


25. Matt Blaze | @mattblaze

Scientist, safecracker, professor, writer. 280 is the new 140 is the new 1536.

The computer security expert uses his platform to be blunt about politics and what’s happening on the internet. Take this thread, for example:

26. Megan R. Smith |  @MeganRSmith83

lover of ’90s hip hop. runner of 1/2 marathons. raised in DC. living in Philly. @YEC member. kinda cool entrepreneur. pretty thorough visionary.

Follow the PR maven for a constant stream of light and heavy local and national news with the occasional hint of side eye.

27. Mikey Ilagan | @mikeyil

Born in Philadelphia; lives on the internet. #a11y at @thinkcompany@geekadelphia EIC, @PHLGeekAwards producer. Husband to @allieil. Dad x2.

The Think Company accessibility specialist really does have a lifelong passion for technology. His Twitter feed is all over the local tech scene. His adorable daughter makes regular appearances.

28. Melinda Emerson | @SmallBizLady

Forbes #1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs, Host #SmallBizChat, Author, Become Your Own Boss in 12 months. Expert: Start-up, Social Media & Reinventing a Biz

Emerson is the Small Biz Lady and runs one of Twitter’s busiest destinations for advice on how to fix and grow small businesses. Her more than 323,000 followers get first dibs on local “fix my company” workshops.

29. Melissa Alam | @RingTheAlam

Digital + Experiential @WeAreABMG. Founder @FemmeAndFortune@FearlessConf & H$TLHouse. Slightly addicted to buying 1way tickets & making witty remarks.

Follow this entrepreneur’s winding journey as she builds platforms like Femme and Fortune and the Fearless Conference. Her latest tweet says it all:

30. Michelle Freeman | @micheemichee520

running @wittygrittyPHL + @flyingkitemedia; vocals + bass w/ @theegbombs; south philly resident w/ @jammermissle + (views are my own)

Freeman is all over the city putting on events with her marketing company Witty Gritty. She’s also behind media platforms like Flying Kite Media and CityWide Stories. Follow for daily civic-minded dispatches.

31. Nick Eubanks | @nick _eubanks

Audience Developer. Car phanatic. CEO http://ImFromTheFuture.com  + Partner http://TrafficThinkTank.com  + CoFounder http://NKTech.ventures  Advisor @DeepCrawl

Eubanks is leading the digital brand agency I’m From the Future and has so many tips on website and social media content strategy.

32. Omar T. Woodard | @OmarWoodard

Exec. Dir. @GreenLightPHL. Adjunct Prof of Business @templeuniv. Loves: #Philly#Philanthropy #Policy #Politics#Progress. Alum: @GirardCollege #GWU#Obama08

Woodard offers the perfect mix of thoughts on Philly politics and business, with a running social impact theme.

33. Jennifer Lynn Robinson | @AreYouNetworked

FemCity Philly President. CEO Purposeful Networking. Speaker. Author. Rescue dog mom. As seen: HuffPost, Philly Mag, Chicago Tribune http://purposefulnetworking.com

Follow the Purposeful Network’s feed and you’ll be a pro at business networking in no time.

34. Rakia Reynolds | @RakiaReynolds

Face of #smallbiz for @Dell | Owner @skaibluemedia | On Air expert for @serenawilliams for @HSN | Contributor for @forbeswoman via @YEC|#TEDxSpeaker

The PR genius travels a lot to meet her clients’ needs but never forgets to give us a peek into her fast-paced business. Because she works with some of the country’s best, don’t be surprised to see selfies of Reynolds with stars like Serena Williams. Follow for brand inspiration.

35. Selena Rezvani | @selenarezvani

VP of Consulting/Research @BeLeaderly/@WomensLeadershp; Award winning author of 2 leadership books including ‘Pushback’; alumna of @deloitte @johnshopkins @nyu

Rezvani is always thinking about how to improve the work world for women. Follow for dialogue on topics like self-promotion, self-care and leadership.

36. Stephen Klasko | @sklasko

It’s time to transform healthcare! President/CEO leading @JeffersonUniv@TJUHospital. Wrote “WE Can Fix Healthcare.”

The CEO is on a quest to rewrite the rules of health care. Follow for his biggest ideas on how the industry should pick up the pieces and move forward.

37. Steve Barsh | @sbarsh

Dad. Serial entrepreneur. Angel investor. Builder. Problem solver. Chief Innovation Officer @Dreamit

Follow for lots of updates in the health care startup world. Barsh gives his followers a first look at what some of Philly’s leading health care startups are working on.

38. Tayyib Smith | @215tayyib

Impresario, Chief Rain Maker at LGC / http://smallteambigthings.co  : Neo Toussaint @pipelinephilly Founder http://Ihhe.org  I put on for my city.

Smith does not sugar coat his views on the state of justice and equality in this country, and specifically in Philadelphia. Follow for the most insightful articles on social justice and endless music recommendations. And stay for the occasional shade throw.

39. Tiffanie Stanard | @TiffanieStanard

Working at the intersection of Tech | Media | Community | CEO of @Your_Stimulus & Prestige Concepts #Entrepreneur | #MediaPersonality | Seen on #Fox29

Stanard’s regular #StanardReport tweets highlight her comings and goings from TV appearances to tech meetup events. Follow for daily motivational thoughts.

40. Tina Wells | @tinacwells

CEO/Founder @BuzzMG@UNFoundation #GEC Member, Author of Best-selling @MackenzieBlue series, and @ChasingGenY. Blogger at http://www.tinawells.com

The Buzz Marketing Group CEO dispatches daily buzzReports, newsletters with the latest info in politics, business and pop culture. She also tweets out blog posts from tinawells.com, with information on how to build your brand and practice self-care.

41. Tracey Welson-Rossman (@TWelsonRossman)

Mom, Wife, CMO of Chariot Solutions, Music Lover, and Founder of http://TechGirlz.org . Opinions are my own

Welson-Rossman is passionate about women in STEM and that passion is present in all of her tweets, which chronicle the effort to connect girls to tech and the sciences.

42. Todd Carmichael | @toddcarmichael

Citizen, Coffee man, CEO, explorer, hockey dad, Inventor – I’ll probably say something political.

Perhaps Philly’s most prolific tweeter, Carmichael doesn’t hold back in expressing his views on the direction of the country. Whether it’s the gun reform debate or tax overhaul, Carmichael, under the spell of his moral compass, chimes in. Follow for a daily reminder about living with purpose. This tweet, which may be Carmichael’s last, however, is exactly what I’m talking about:

43. Wayne Kimmel | @waynekimmel

#SportsTechVC at @76Capital@RubiconTalent – #entrepreneur#author#philanthropist, tireless #networker, father of 2 and husband to @kimmelchick

Follow to stay up-to-date on all things new in sports tech, sports entrepreneurship and venture capital. And with his new guide to making connections, Kimmel often drop tips on how to build meaningful relationships.

44. Wil Reynolds @wilreynolds

I help people find stuff on the Internet. Serial Underdog @seerinteractive, I am whatever you say I am.

Reynolds is all about transparency. He talks openly about his wins and losses as a founder and CEO. Follow for the realest threads about leadership and for the scoop on how Seer Interactive continues to distinguish itself as a company.

45. Yasmine Mustafa | @myasmine

INFJ, social entrepreneur, @TEDxPhillyspeaker, #BBC100Women of 2016, empowering women with @ROARforGood & @gdiphilly, trying to make a difference in the world.

As Mustafa builds ROAR for Good, the startup leader uses her voice to continuously advocate for marginalized groups like women, refugees and immigrants. Follow for a look at her impressive climb.