Philly’s Average Credit Card Debt is More Than $3,700

Plus, how many credit cards we carry and other tidbits from a new study.

Philadelphians carry an average credit card debt of $3,786, according to a new study.

Credit Sesame, a site offering credit scores and report analysis, examined the credit habits of nearly 8,000 Philadelphians. It found that they have an average of 4.22 credit cards and have an average credit limit of $13,988.

When compared to the average Pennsylvanian, Philly looks to be a bit more fiscally responsible. Statewide, people average five credit cards and debt of $4,614. But the statewide limit is higher, at $17,283.

Philadelphians aren’t doing a great job of staying below their credit limit. In fact, they average 17.21 percent over the limit, compared to 13 percent statewide. Charging more than your credit card limit typically results fees, a decrease in credit limit, or other penalties.

Data courtesy of Credit Sesame

(Data courtesy of Credit Sesame)

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