Meet the Only Philly Company on Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women

"We care about outcomes, not watching the clock."

Some of the staff at Brownstein Group.

Staff members at Brownstein Group.

Fortune magazine released its 100 Best Workplaces for Women rankings — and just one Philadelphia company made the list: Brownstein Group.

The Center City-based advertising, branding and public relations agency ranked number 60. The 80-employee agency is made up of 61 percent women and all but one person on its management team are women.

“It’s a special environment, which makes people care about the work and makes the work that much stronger,” one employee told Fortune.

I caught up with a very appreciative Marc Brownstein, president and CEO of the company, who said called it a “huge honor.”

“We understand that women have to take care of their families and we encourage them to make that their first priority,” he said. “If you’re happy in your personal life, you’ll be happy in your professional life.”

Along with its free yoga classes and full bar in the office, Brownstein Group offers a flexible schedule and focuses on outcomes — not time spent in the office.

“We said to everyone: ‘What we care about is outcomes, get the job done well and we’re not going to watch the clock. Be there for your kids. Go to their school to meet with a teacher. Be there for their soccer games. Be there for key moments in their lives — but figure out how to get your work done,” he said.

Since Brownstein applied for the Fortune award, it expanded its maternity benefits even further. Now along with three months off (“and a nice party”) the company invested in an insurance product that provides payment to employees when they take maternity leave.

“The 28- to 35-year-old women in our office gave me hugs and big thanks,” said Brownstein.

Here are the top five companies on Fortune’s100 Best Workplaces for Women list:

  1. TrueWealth – Atlanta
  2. Squaremouth – St. Petersburg, Fla.
  3. Texas Health Resources – Arlington, Texas
  4. Granite Properties – Plano, Texas
  5. Acceleration Partners – Needham, Mass.