Philadelphia International Airport Adds 17 Minutes to Your Travel Time

It ranked among the worst airports in the country.

(Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock)

(Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock)

The stat rats at fivethirtyeight have analyzed flights from all over the United States, and found that Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is one of the worst in the country for additional travel time.

In fact, PHL adds 17 minutes to the normal travel time. Out of 313 origin airports, Philly ranked 287th. It was 5th worst among major airports.

Here’s more info on popular destinations:

DestinationFlights AnalyzedTarget Flight TimeTypical Flight Time
Boston (BOS)6,3551:371:12
Atlanta (ATL)6,7882:062:27
Orlando (MCO)4,7972:472:28

When comparing airline performance at all airports, Frontier Airlines shaved an average of 5.6 minutes from each flight, and United Airlines added an average of 2.1 minutes. (Frontier has been steadily growing its presence at PHL, announcing on Wednesday the addition of nonstop flights from Philadelphia to Montego Bay, Jamaica and Fort Myers Fla.)

The Fivethirtyeight analysis came from the most recent 12 months of data from Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which analyzes 6 million flights per year.