Who’s the Richest Person in Pennsylvania?

Forbes just released a new list of the richest people in each state.



Forbes has come out with a fun interactive map listing the richest people in every state. The richest person in Pennsylvania?

That designation goes to Mary Alice Dorrance Malone, Campbell Soup‘s largest shareholder with an estimated wealth of $3.3 billion, says Forbes. She owns 17 percent of the company.

In New Jersey, it’s David Tepper, a hedge fund manager with an estimated $10.4 billion.

The richest person in Delaware is Robert Gore chairman of W.L. Gore & Associates, which manufactures Gore-Tex.

While the list is mostly just for fun, it does show the vast discrepancy in money from state to state. For instance, the richest people in Alaska (Robert Gillam, $320 million) and Vermont (John Abele, $600 million) pale in comparison to Washington (Bill Gates, $78.8 billion) and New York (David Koch, $42.7 billion.)