What Recent Brides Would Have Done Differently With Their Weddings: An Infographic

We saw this fun infographic from New York Weddings today on what 100 recent brides would have done differently when it came to their wedding should they get a do-over, and because a) advice from recent brides is seriously so valuable to brides-to-be and b) we cannot resist a good infographic, we had to share, that it might make you pause and consider a few of the planning items you might have in play right now—and really think about the Big Day ahead of you.

For instance, some wish they hadn’t splurged on programs, wouldn’t have registered for so many damn wine glasses, or stressed so much about the seating chart. Others wish they had been more attentive to reapplying lipstick and maybe spent a little more money on a fab photographer.

It’s all such great stuff to think of before you take that walk down the aisle! Have any of you received advice like this from friends or family who have recently tied the knot and wish to bestow their new wisdom on you?

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