Brides Pull Their Weddings Together This Weekend Despite Sandy’s Wrath

So, remember our lovely photo editor here at PW, the one who showed her love for her fiance with her fabulous manicure a few months back? Her wedding is this Saturday, November 3rd in Glen Mills.

She is incredibly lucky, and her wedding is still fully intact. There have been some casualties, though at least, none at her venue: The price of halibut went up so much after the storm that in order to feed it to the 34 people who had made that selection, they would have had to pay a few hundred more dollars, so there will be another delicious fish in its place. Her rehearsal dinner dress got trapped at the dry cleaners, who had no power, and so it had to be rescued yesterday and sent somewhere else for an extremely quick turnaround. And some friends in New York are definitely going to have to put on their thinking caps when it comes to how they’re going to get out of dodge and to the party, but really, it’s all going to be fine.

Some other brides out there, especially those in New York, haven’t been so lucky. This morning on Good Morning America, they spoke with a Manhattan bride—who also happens to be an event planner—getting married this weekend about all her wedding plans that Sandy swept up in her destruction (she can’t find her florist or her hair stylist; bridesmaid dresses are trapped at the tailor; rehearsal dinner venue is underwater; the list goes on), and how she’s handling it. And because she is handling it so well—both with her smart ideas for fixes and her amazing ‘Hey, as long as I have a fiance to marry at the end of the day, we’re all good’ attitude, we just had to share.


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Brides getting married this weekend: How are you faring? Are you having to get creative with any plans that may have been derailed by the storm?

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